Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Past Weekend and Today

I haven't brought Mr.Freddy to a library not until my friend Alpha invited me today. I have always wanted to take him before but I waited. The library has a new program about live animal shows for kids and he had a close encounter with a few of them. Since it's Mr.Freddy's first time in the library or wherever we go and do something which it's his first, it's always a marvel to watch how he gets fascinated with new things. But he is terrified of exotic animals that he doesn't want to pet them. Above all, we had a great time and I will bring him back to the library whenever we get a free time. Here are the photos from my phone, I am sorry the quality is not that great.

He had been too busy browsing and looking at pictures of Thomas The Train and enjoyed his time in the library.

Petting a rabbit at a live animal shows and just like other kids Mr.Freddy's a good listener. He listens and behaves while the speaker is talking in front of him.

* What happened this past weekend? *

The scorching summer can't really make me stay home even though the AC is on. My feet are always itchy to go out some place especially when it's hubby's day off. A day before his day off, we have already planned to bring Mr.Freddy to the zoo but first I had to work half day. When I came home from work, I sprinted going upstairs to let hubby know that I am ready to go. But hubby answered back that we don't have enough time; it's a two-hour drive from home to the zoo. So, we decided to go to the beach instead.

By the lighthouse in Scituate Harbor.

He will hide at the foot of a lighthouse and said "Boo!", to frightened his dad.


Thank you so much for reading. After checking and sorting out my emails I realized I have received so much letters which I have forgotten to respond. To those who emailed me, please bear with me. I will do my best to get back to you asap.

It's after midnight for me here, so it's time to hit the sack. Have a great day everyone!


beckyxoxo said...

Wow I haven't checked your blog for a while , and now Mr. Freddy is big already ! Haha . So cute ! I can see that he loves rabbit . Haha . And beautiful beach photos , I love your top :)

Leia said...

Love your outfit, especially the turquoise peeking out from the lace :)

Leia's Delights

Annachiara said...

OHHH darling...these pictures are fantastic...especcialy on the beach!!! *_* wow...you're woonderfull

Une étincelle de mode said...

beautiful pics!!!

pensandlens said...

Oh my golly!!!! Freddy is pretty big already...and he is just so adorable with all those books....smart kid...

great outfit for him as well...very laid back and casual...

Love your lace top mommy and yes the shorts will never go out of style...

I envy your body...very sexy....and flawless...

you are one of the most loveliest mom in the world...

take care gorgeous, kisses to Freddy!

Toni said...

i love all your pictures!
did you color your hair? :)
you look even more beautiful!

please say hi to mr freddy for me ;)

toni peerfumedredshoes.blogspot.com

LA said...

Oh my... he's sooo cute!
I never thought that you have a son, your body looks AWESOME

Like your blog a lot, is really sweet


J'Adore Fashion said...

looking so good! great body and cute freddie! xoxo

Kendr▲ said...

Love this post,
you have an amazing blog!
Will be comming back heaps more,
keep up the awesome work :)

Would love it if you checked out mine
in your free time and maybe even


cherie said...

i love the beach pictures! and you look so summery chic in your crisp white top and denim shorts :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

OMG! Mr. F is so big na, I can´t believe it! Kids today grow up so fast.

Looks like you had a great time at the beach. Did you color your hair again? I love the lightened color. Cute top you´re wearing, so presko and just like me you´re having tan lines too, Mommy.;) Ang init na talaga, no? It feels so much like Pinas.

Have an exciting mid-week! :)

M. and O. said...

always cute
LOVE LOVE LOVE, good job :p
xox from France.

Olivia & Mariam


Clara said...

amazing pics
lovely shorts

janettaylor said...

Ur hair is wonderful!

English Rose ♥ said...

You are one hot mommy!!!

Merci beaucoup for your wonderful comments and support darling, it really means a lot ♥

Je suis très très TRÈS désolée for the late reply!

Have a lovely week dearest =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

michelle_ said...

BEAUTIFULL outfit for the beach !
the top, denim and hat > they're all perfect really !

Sherin said...

Awww, he looks adorable in the library. You both look great at the beach as well!


The denim shorts are so great! And I also love your new hair color! I am thinking about dye my hair a little bit more so soon!



Kookie B. said...

you look so summer chic!!! the sheer top is cute..and so is Mr. Freddy. he looks so happy petting the wabbit!

Karolinka.cy said...

so cute!

lancelonie said...

Hello, my dear! It's so nice to see you again. Awesome photos! Love your new heading, too.

Thanks for the visit! :)
Enjoy your weekend with the family!!!

Pearl Westwood said...

Hes such a sweety, glad he enjoyed the library. That is one cute bunny xx

Sweet said...

just updated my blog site...

it is www.pensandlens.me

Thank you

take care

Carmen said...

you are a pretty mom!


RepublicOfChic said...

You are gorgeous and he is adorable. And what an impeccable sense of style, you both :)

Lovely posts to keep me inspired through the weekend.
Big shout out from India! :)

PS. If you haven't already snagged the Street Style Awesomeness of Scott Schuman then enter our SARTORIALIST BOOK GIVEAWAY right away! :)

DeeDee said...

Love the outfit...AND YOUR HAIR!
You look beautiful!

Carolina Krews said...

Very summerish and relaxed outfit...love it. Your son is so cute and I like his outfit too ;)

take care,

Henna @ AboutCabinets Blog said...

your son is cute, resembles my nephew a lot and i got tempted to comment here just because he is just like my lovely boy, very cute and the love between you two is apparent, very loving pictures

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