Friday, August 20, 2010

Mr.Freddy's 2nd Birthday

Hi everyone! I am back again after from my long hiatus and thanks to those who never stop sending hearty comments. Everyone in the family is in good spirits. I really feel so bad for not updating this blog but I think when I am very exhausted and having a family and a son that consumes most of my time, blogging is taking a back seat. My blogging-enthusiasts dwindled. I am not a superwoman nor a supermom, I just do my best and be the best mother to Mr.Freddy. For it's almost a month already that I have gone, great good things happened and blessings came that I am very thankful for.

On July 29th, Mr.Freddy turned two which sometimes it really makes me hard to believe that he's growing bigger and bigger each day. Pheew! Time has really gone by so quickly. The 2nd year birthday was quite different than last year. Nothing as fancy nor as grandiose as his 1st birthday. Celebrated it exclusively with family on the front porch of our house. This time I let him bake his own cake instead. I believe baking is a good activity for learning and it's also a good way to spend time with family.

Freddy's wearing an apron and a chef hat I made for him. I am no good in sewing but I think when you have to do something special for a special someone, everything seems to be possible, right?.

Proud to present to you, my Lil' Chef!
Caught in the act! Finger-lickin' and lapping. This was the reason why the cake took so long to put in the oven.


Next step, decorating the cake with cousins, Nick and Aliza.
The finished cake! It doesn't look bad at all yet it tasted yummy.

This year's birthday theme was Toy Story whom he likes Buzz and Woody.


Thank you so much for the comments! Have a blessed day everyone!


Denise said...

wow two na si Mr. Freddy.

Happy bday. Wow may binata ka na. hehehe. but seriously congrats. ang bilis ng panahon.

when i give birth am ready to leave blogging for a while. it must be fun.

the cake looks yummy. And na enjoy mabuti ni bday boy ang cake making. I must learn to bake soon.

Rose said...

awww happy birthday to little Mr Freddy! They did a lovely job of the cake, and the toy story baking apron and hat is so cute.


Imelda said...

Happy Birthday, Sayang! ('dear' in Bahasa Indonesia)You look so handsome and adorable! Congrats to proud Mom and Dad too :)

Imelda x

Bombchell said...

awwwww Mr. Freddy's so cute, and the cake he baked is lovely. glad your family is good. said...

Glad to see you back to blogging and that post is so much fun to watch:)

Dressing Up For Me said...

Helo, Mommy!

Glad that you´re able to post something despite your hectic schedule.

Belated happy birthday to Mr. Freddy!!!! :)

How time flies! He isn´t a baby anymore but a very handsome little boy. Cake looks yummy too. :)

Leia said...

Happy belated birthday to Mr Freddy! I can't believe he baked his own cake, that's awesome :)


Miu said...

It's great you've posted again.
I like your blog.

toxic disco boy said...

awwww... so cute! happy birthday!

janettaylor said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Freddy! :)

sweet said...

Happy Birthday Freddy...its been a year already since I have loved your blog...and your posts!!!!

wow...I am so impress with Freddy's cooking skills...

love the cake

take care

Kimmy said...

he is too precious! and that cake does look yummy =)

XO Kimmy

Pearl Westwood said...

Happy Birthday Mr Freddy, gosh he is getting so big xx

Kookie B. said...

oh happy birthday, Mr. Freddy! you look so cute with all the chocolate mushed over your face. i hope you grow to be a very handsome but good boy. :)

istarblog said...

wow such adorable mr freddy..:)

finkalixius said...

ur kiddos are awesome..their looked sweet

Daphne said...

Happy Birthday to your son. such a cutie.

Bucca said...

lol too cute Mr Freddy is growing up fast. Hope you are well :)

UgnÄ— said...

Oh, so sweet! Best wishes to Mr.Freddy!

FashionJazz said...

HAppy Birthday to Mr Freddy and welcome back hun, I have missed you! xxx

Raven :) said...

Awe! Well tell Freddy I said "Happy Late Birthday!" ;) Looks like he had fun making his cake.

I know how you feel. It makes me sad that my little sister is getting older. It seems like she was just an itty-bitty baby yesterday! Time sure flies!

cherie said...

happy birthday mr freddy! time seems to fly talaga, i remember he was not a year old pa when i started blogging ;)

it looked like a fun party and he looked so cute with his chef hat

Sophia said...

So cute! The birthday party seems like it was a nice simple idea. Happy late birthday to Mr. Freddy! I hope you spend a happy second year together.

xo, Sophia

Natalie said...

Quite the little baker there! Looks like you had a great party.

Carolina Krews said...

So cute. I hope he had the best b-day ever :)



Join the Gossip said...

Happy birthday to him! Looks like the little guy had a blast!

E said...

How cute! What a fabulous birthday!

thesydneygirl said...

awww happy birthday to mr.freddy! hope you've been well! cute photos! x

Mom Daughter Style said...

belated happy bday kay Mr Freddy! ang bilis, si RC din medyo malapit ng mag two.

super busy pag work and mom noh, ako din minsan super bilis magbrowse nalang ng blogs minsan kasi family comes first syempre.

take care mommy, good job to you and Mr Freddy sa cake


such a great way to celebrate Mr. Freddys's birthday! Congratulations! All the best wishes for this fantastic family you have my dear sweet friend :)))

I love Mr. F wearing buzz's piece of clothes!



lancelonie said...


~xoxo from me & my 4-yr.old~

lancelonie said...

By the way, I'm currently renovating my blog so my blogroll (your link) is here:


Thanks for keeping my link, too. :)

Samantha said...

oh my goodness, freddy is getting so big.
glad to finally be able to visit your blog again :]

Sofia said...


AX80 said...

One day, he will be so happy of all of this effort in recording his life in such a way. Great mothering!

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