Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apple and Pumpkin Picking

JUST TO GIVE YOU A CLUE, to everyone this is a very LONG post!

Right now, Mr.Freddy is sound asleep on his bed already and it's so peaceful and stress-free day that my brain is working so I thought of updating my blog tonight. I still have many photos from certain events to share with you but my plate is always too full. I am just taking a baby step, one step at a time until I get an ample time to get things back to normal. I will try hard to update ''The Mom and Son Diary"... a hopeful up to date twice/thrice a week sounds better.

Apple picking in the Autumn Season is one of our family traditions to savor a day out in the warm sunshine and fresh air. I don't remember any apple picking that we've missed, we are always present every year I think. I like dressing up Mr.Freddy and take him tons of photos. Isn't this child lucky to have a mom/dad who appreciates and treasure his childhood days?! The only thing I need is to print them out and start doing his photo album soon.

Few weeks ago, my brother visited us and we decided to go apple picking since he had never been to any one. I chuckled so much watching Mr.Freddy as a two-fisted apple eater. He seemed like he had his own world while chomping an apple. This year is my most favorite apple picking, really!

A good reminder on How to Pick Apples welcomed us in the orchard farm.

And yes! We really painted the town red!

Her way and his way of eating an apple.

Mr.Freddy tripped and fell into the apples... but stood up right away and turned out still to be two-fisted apple eater....

And not only a bed of apples but a blanket of pumpkins too!

With my brother tried shaking a pumpkin as if he might hear a sound coming from inside of it.

Daddy's taking pictures for his Facebook.


Thank you so much everyone for your beautiful patience and taking time for sending us generous comments. Believe it or not, it's already been a week I haven't checked my email yet. Will check them out soon.

God bless you!


Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

miss you too! we're busy moms :)
It looks like fun. The boy is getting big. nite nite!

Denise said...

oh Mr.Freddy you are so cute.

i love the matching outfits. And of course you look super gorgeous mommy.

Collette Osuna said...

Hello...just found your blog...LOVE IT!! What beautiful photos you have here...and your little guy is just toooo cute!!!

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Leia said...

Awww what lovely pictures! I have never been apple picking before but it looks like so much fun. And I adore your color coordinated red outfits!


janettaylor said...

I adore the "pick up your..." places. :) Cute photos!

Tiffany* said...

Love these pictures. Looks like you and your family are fully embracing fall! Isn't fall the best :)
Love that skirt and boots. They way you both wore red really makes the pictures stand out.
beijos-Tiffany- said...

I love that post, you look great and Mr. Freddy is such a sweetheart!

Daphne said...

Such pretty photos once again. Your outfits are adorable. Couldn't tell if those were socks or part of the boots. Either way very cool.

Dressing Up For Me said...

Mommy, I can still remember your apple and pumpkin picking last year event last year. Oh, how time flies!

You both are wearing red, yay! Mr. Freddy is getting more handsome and fashionista everyday. My gosh, he can be a kid model na. Enter mo kaya? ;)


sweet said...

Freddy is just adorable what can I have a star in the making...

He is a real natural model...runs in the blood...

love the red outfits and both of you looks great with those apples and pumpkins as your background...

Those pumpkins are huge!!!!

thanks for the comment love...I know it breaks my heart about what is happening our country...



Ryma said...

Thank you :D


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ohmigosh you and Mr. Freddy look cuter than ever! What a fabulous idea for a day out!! :)

Clara said...

beautiful pics!

Blicious said...

OMG cutest pictures EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pearl Westwood said...

Ha ha Mr Freddy with two apples hes so cute! Some of those pumpkins were absolutely huge! Looks like you had a fun time xx

Diane said...

Wow, this has to be one of your best posts yet, because of the outfits, theme and especially Mr Freddie. I'm amazed by the way he can pose, even when he's not looking at the camera!! Super sweet!

The palette I used is the 120 colors palette you can find on Ebay for a cheap amount of money. Look it up, it's pretty good! You can also find reviews on YT.


cherie said...

hi gorgeous mommy! you look so pretty in red. i wanna go apple picking too! say hello to mr freddy for me :)

xo, cherie of Parade of Dresses

Kashaya said...

Beautiful pictures!

Response>> Thanks hun. Unfortunately my husband is sick... I hope everything is great with you and your family.

claarax. said...

such cute pics!

Mom Daughter Style said...

great outfits! i can totally understand about you being busy. minsan i post two entries in a day pag may time just to catch up.

im taking RC to pumpkin picking but we have to wait till the last week of October, it only opens to the public at that time. sana matuloy kami.

you're lucky to experience the four seasons.

Rosie Unknown said...

You guys look so cute!

I love apple picking, I turn into a huge kid again when we get to the orchard.

J'Adore Fashion said...

Oh my! love the red coordination--just too cute! beautiful photos dear! thanks for always stopping by! xoxo

Flashes of Style said...

Wow this is sooo beautiful! <3

Becky Regina said...

Aww it's okay , will wait patiently to see your post :) Cute post ! Love it that you two were wearing red ! The place looked really nice , love all of the photos :)

KcomeKarolina said...

what a great autumn scenery!!!
you looked great!!!

hiven said...


Maria Evans said...

Both are lovely!!!


PS: I post a new outfit! Hope to see u in my blog! =)

michelle_ said...

i always love it when you have tons of photos posted up !!
loving the red outfits ! and freddy (as always) is soooo adorable and charming.. i love his photos where he sat on the pumpkins :)


Ibyang said...

you and your son looked adorable in red! :)

Karoline Kalvø said...

Love this and your whole blog so much. Just so much inspiration. You are the perfect couple. I want to become like you when I get children.


Fleur said...

I love autumn pictures with red apples! You both look so sweet!
And I like the "Do not sit on pumpkins" photo :)

FashionJazz said...

Mr Freddy is so gorgeous hun! Hope you are well, loving your pics as always! Mwah xxx

iamronel said...

awesome shots im quite envy on this happenings said...

your son is so adorable..:)

irina said...

you are one chic mom, your son is adorable, lovely blog!

irina said...

you're one chic mom, your son is adorable, lovely blog!

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Dusk said...

These are absolutely AMAZING photographs!! You look gorgeous and your darling boy is so adorable!!

Carolina Krews said...

Ouuu so cute! Very stylish ;)

Have a great week,



Jing said...

my favorite post,mom!
i love everything in this post.
complete family.big pumpkins.beautiful color.nice outfits.stunning photos and everybody happy!gandaaa! :D

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