Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Strolling Through the Boston Public Gardens

I have had been dying to update my blog since last week but I guess due to photobucket glitch I couldn't upload any photo nor to resize them. Tried to log in again the following day, I don't understand why password got declined though I am pretty sure it wasn't a typographical error which I slowly typed the characters, ran out of patience so I changed to a new password but midnight came, my eyes were too sleepy and my mind froze and decided to hit the sack. Then another day has come photo resize failed attempt and weekend came but motherhood took over. And finally tonight, tonight is my BIG night that I am thankful to do a post again.

My life is really nowhere comparable of having Mr.Freddy. He is my joy and my strength, he taught me to be more confident and more mature and makes me stronger to deal with the storms at times. He is my whoops of joy! To me, Mr.Freddy is the definition of happiness. Spending quality time with my son and family are among of the things that I love to do the most.


To everyone , I heartily thank you so much for the unending comments and love you've showed upon us. I hope you all had a great holiday weekend.


Jing said...

so cute the photos na u kept running after mr. freddy,mommy!motherly love.I love your outfits.so comfy and sporty.i miss u!=D


Karolinka.cy said...

Glad to see you back to blogging, you look great!

Daphne said...

Such cute photos. Love the all denim look on both of you. Your shoes are very cool in that pastel blue.

Zarna said...

cute!!! i love both of you in denim!

i haven't stopped by in a while - it was great to catch up on your blog :)


Dith said...

OMG! How cuteee!
I loveeee this post. love d matching fits!
I was supposed 2 visit Boston this summer but something happened and so I never did :(

How r ya babe?! I see ur good tho

AnnaMoon said...

Quickly the kid grows!!! Beautiful walking clothes)))

Annachiara said...

ohhh wow...Looooove looove these pictures!!!! Cuteeee *_* you're woonderfull and your baby is fantastic!!!!

janettaylor said...

Harmonious outfits! YAY! Just gorgeous!

Dressing Up For Me said...


Glad you can post, I missed you and mr. Freddy´s photos! You´re looking good as always and Mr. Freddy is so much taller right now and your hair longer too. :)

Have a nice day ahead!

sweet said...

Mom and Freddy in denims!!!! just loving the entire set of photos...

Freddy is big and looking so gwapo and yes of course you will always be as gorgeous as ever...

just stunning!!!!


Sophie Carmo said...

So nice...xoxo

Britty said...

I'm soo sorry i haven't been commenting on your blog! =[ but i'm here now and you and mr. freddy look so cute aww you both are matching how sweet i really like your short. aww love that very last picture!

Kookie B. said...

i love the matching outfits!!! i always smile seeing the two of you together...so happy and loving.


Miu said...

These photos are so sweet!

Rose said...

Your hair is getting SO long! It looks really lovely.
It looks like a nice time you had by the lake.
Glad to see your both doing well :)


Danae said...

Hello dear! I see your son is growing up really fast and you are getting even more beautiful! Sorry for my lack of comments on your blog and updates on mine, but it has been a very busy summer. There have been many changes for me during the last months. Slowly I'm returning to my routine and will start blogging again.
Lots of hugs and kisses for you and your son!
Love, Danae

Rosanna said...

your son is so so adorable


LV Just Being Me said...

OMG, your son is super adorable!
AND Im loving your shorts!!!!
Must try and do a blog post with my son soon :)

Savvy Gal said...

happy birthday to Mr. Freddy. Love the match denim outfits. : )

Life with Kaishon said...

He is the cutest little thing on the planet! Cute. Cute. cute! : ) Those gardens are beautiful. I love Boston!

RC and Mommy said...

hi mommy, namiss ko mga pictures mo, wish ko lang si hubz ko mahilig din magpicture ng ganyan na candid, shoot lang ng shoot, galing. i love that place parang so quiet and refreshing.


Hello my Dear friend!

So great to see you so happy with your lovely little boy! Fantastic you see you two together!

I love you every single post,

all my love always!

From the friend,


Lara - Elain said...

You guys definitely match, very sweet. I love your denim shirts!

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