Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Special Day

Doesn't time really flies so fast?! It's going to be a week tomorrow that I had my birthday already. I know this post is a little bit late to post out here (anyway, it's only a week) but I don't want this blog to become futile. Nonetheless, I would like to do a post on ''Mom and Son" whereabouts even though sometimes I "missed the boat". This is the reason why I created an online diary of me together with my son.

Fast forward. So yes, October 2nd is my B-day. For me, I am the type of person that when somebody asks my age, I am not reticent of my age. For me, I don't really find it rude when somebody asks how old I am. I proudly tell them my real age. Why being secretive about my age, I don't care if I look older than my age. For me, it's another blessing, another year of my life. And thank you so much God for the wonderful and healthy life He has been bestowed upon me. At the young age of 27, I am already a wife and a mother to a handsome son while most of my friends are still enjoying their life being single. I don't have any regrets marrying at an early age though. I have a very loving husband who's always there for me no matter how bad and mean I am as a wife to him sometimes,huh! And here we made a good and happy baby named Freddy.

Last Saturday, I celebrated my birthday with my two boys. It was a lovely day to get a breathe of fresh air at the Boston Public Gardens while waiting for our dinner reservation at 6pm. We took lots of photos again and sorry if you have been pounded with loads of photos.


Freddy gone wild and free again at the park. He likes to play peek-a-boo.


At the restaurant. Instead of posting food photos, I decided to share with you of what Mr.Freddy did during the dinner.


Mr.Freddy's being a joker. He couldn't stop laughing out loud of the lime's sour taste.


And good thing we brought along his toy car- it gives him a little entertainment while hubby and I enjoying the dinner. To those mothers whose having a ''terrible two" child knew what I am talking about.

The dessert was really good!!!

On the way home from dinner, we passed by a building with interchangeable colorful lights and I can't leave the place without a photo op of them.

Mr.Freddy's squinting his eyes from the glare of the sun. He broke a couple of his sunglasses already and now he doesn't have any.

Thank you very much for reading and kind comments. Have a good weekend everyone!

29 comments: said...

You look lovely and the family photo in the frame is beautiful!

Mom Daughter Style said...

hi mommy, belated happy birthday. im glad you enjoyed your special day with your special two boys. I love the purse!

yes, RC runs so fast na, Mr Freddy looks like he is having a good time too.

Denise said...

you've accomplished so much at a very young age. happy bday!!!!!!!

more happy and healthy years to come. you are suuuuper gorgeous!

Leia said...

I hope you had a lovely birthday! These pictures were so sweet as always :)


Rose said...

Oh my goodness, mr Freddy looks like he has grown again!
Happy birthday to you :) im glad you had a nice birthday. Your only two years older than I am and I think your so lucky to be married and have such an adorable boy. I hope before I reach 30 Mikey and I can be married and have a bub too.
Another lovely outfit, loving how your top matches your hair ;)


sweet said...

Oh wow...congratulations my dear!!! Freddy looks fantastic and so cute...

the hub finds Freddy really adorable...and he really is...

love your shoes...and your top!!!


Raven :) said...

Happy Late Birthday! It looks like you had a great Birthday. :]

Your fashion sense looks like you belong on the streets of New York City! *heh heh*

AnnaMoon said...

Hi! Very beautiful photos! I like your family - happy and fun)))

Kookie B. said...

belated happy birthday, hot momma! Mr. Freddy is big na!!! he's gotten taller. :)

tres tippy said...

Happy (belated) birthday!!! I love the photo of the 3 of you, you have such a beautiful family! Mr Freddy is so adorable, as usual. I love the bag! I've been wanting the palermo for so long, I really just need to get it already :)

Daphne said...

Great heart warming photos as always. Happy past birthday! Love your outfit. Those skinny jeans have a sheen to them and the dark cognac colored sleeveless sweater looks great against all the black.

irina said...

Happy late birthday! lovely photos, great fall outfit!

Zarna said...

happy belated birthday!!! you all look so happy - and your hair is BEAUTIFUL!


the gorgeous said...

you look so amazing dear! I love that camel knit and those booties!
happy b-day by the way! mine was at 26th september :-)

FashionJazz said...

Happy belated birthday hun!! You look stunning! Big hugs to you and Mr Freddy : ) Mwah

Dressing Up For Me said...

Beltaed happy birthday, Mommy! Wow, you´re one hot Mom at 27. ;)

Kisses to Mr. F, laki na niya and love that family portrait of the 3 of you. You guys look good together! :)

Devina said...

Wow... Seems so much fun...

Loved the outfit there...

Fleur said...

Tell me where you live, I'll come and rob your closet :)


Little Place Of Girls said...

oi linda adorei seu blog.
Muito interativo e agradável.
Também tenho um blog adoraria se você desse uma passadinha lá. Aproveita e comenta e nos segue. eu vou amar!
Te espero lá.

valuevillageandgoodwill said...

Great shots. The lighting on some of those pictures were perfect.

E said...

I love your shoes! You all look fabulous together!

Puck Litaay said...

I love your top!



awesome shoes xxo

Marcella said...

Wowza, loving the hair! Love the family pic :) Too cute.

x Marcella

♥B said...

I love your shoes -- HOT!

He is really growing up, you can tell in his face, he's looking less like a baby and more like a big boy!!!

Happy super belated birthday.


Pearl Westwood said...

Hey darling I am so sorry this is a belated birthday wish! My birthday was on the 14th so I guess we are both Libra? Oh and is that lovely purse a birthday gift? xx

Suz said...

love your shoes <3

janettaylor said...

You look soooo lovely and your boots are cool, Honey!


Dith said...

awww beautiful photos!
happy belated bday dear!

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