Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Festive Holiday Baking

Now, that Mr.Freddy is old enough to help me to bake, our kitchen has always been shambolic. The grubby kitchen with cluttered flour everywhere. But I am not complaining though. I know it's a lot of cleaning up after cooking but I don't care. As a matter of fact, I am blissful when I see my son take joy in cooking. It's my pleasure to be his mom spending time doing this kind of good activity with him.

So, yes, the spirit of holidays are here already, Mr.Freddy and I baked gingerbread boy cookies and decorated them. It was a merry day. But how I wish weekends are longer than weekdays so I can lavishly do more baking with my son.

Our aprons and chef hat I made. (You can see here another apron and chef hat I sewed for him).

A photo op before baking.

It's time to get our hands into baking and decorating!


Our first decorated gingerbread boy cookie.

Mr.Freddy keenly watching me painting.


He learned so fast smarten up them.



Our beautiful finished cookies with their respective names.





Excuse for Mr.Freddy's dirty face. It's actually a unfinished spider man face paint from a neighbor's birthday party that we managed to be there while the cookies were being toasted in the oven.


Thank you so much again for the comments! God bless us all!


Bombchell said...

what a great chef :) he's so cute

Francesca said...

i did some baking as well just recently. adorable pics :) if you have a spare moment I would love if you visited me.

F. ( x

janettaylor said...

So fun!


Momdaughterstyle said...

the cookies look good. I made an apron for myself before when I was learning how to sew but it did not turn out too nice so I gave up. Those are beautiful aprons you made. I love the holiday theme.

Take care!

Rebecca Rose said...

grabe pasko na talaga!!!

Vinda Sonata said...

those pictures are so pretty! i love ginger man. both of you look so happy. you have such a wonderful family:)

Daphne said...

So adorable as always. Love the aprons and the hat. We did cookie decorating twice now and it gets quite messy with multiple kids. You need a 1 adult to 1 kid ratio I think to keep things under control otherwise it is frosting everywhere and all the candy goes inside their mouth instead of the cookies. :)

Z--- said...

lovely photos!!!xx

Savvy Gal said...

Ah... little man is so helpful. my nephew will totally try to help us too. : )

Sweet said...

I can see a future Chef...a good looking one and I know girls will be dying to eat at his future restaurant...he really is so smart...and talented too


Clara said...

lovely post!

Fanny said...

hmm this looks good. you are such a great mom! your boy is so lovely cute x

Sofi Stellar said...

This is SO adorable. Your son is beautiful. I can't wait until I can bake cookies with my son! It looks like so much fun! :)

Happy holidays!

A Sapatólatra said...

You're a super mom, I have an 8 year old son and a 14, I feel sad because they have grown up, and I never did any of this with them, I was very young and was not a good mother as I think you are, I am ashamed by this, and I like to see your blog every day, I'm happy for you. Sorry if you have many errors in my comments, as I said I do not know English, I write in Portuguese and translated by Google translate.


Christine @ Fanciful Vision said...

SO cute :D

La Michelle said...

aww you to are so beautiful,
adorable as always :D


Danae said...

Mr.Freddy is sooo cute with his lovely apron and hat! The things you make for him are always great! I wish you to have nice holidays!
Lots of love to all of your family,Danae

Denise said...

oh this is soooo cute. can't wait for my little one so i can have someone to play with. must be the most rewarding feeling.

merry Christmas!

knalleffekt said...

oh, so cute! have wunderful christmas!

Marcella said...

Oh my, he really looks that part doesn't he? I love the matching aprons!

agnes said...

très jolies photos, vous êtes adorables tous les deux

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