Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ernest Hemingway House, Key West Florida

Its' been few years ago when we made a journey but in two weeks we will be on our vacation. I am very excited, I could hardly wait and looking forward for this trip. How I wish I could turn the time so fast so I will be soaking myself in the island of Bahamas already.

These are photos from one of the travels we made, visited the house of famous author Ernest Hemingway in Key West.

Mr.Freddy and me patiently waiting for our tour guide.

The Living Room.

At the back of his house, there's a writing studio where he wrote of his novels from 6am-11pm.

The Master Bedroom. This cat is one of the sixty cats living on the grounds of Ernest Hemingway's house. The interesting part of this is all of these cats are directly descendants of the original felines that Hemingway had and the original cats had a condition called Polydactyl which means they have extra toes and the majority of these cats have six toes.

The Lighthouse view from the side porch.


It was a great and educational day in the scorching Keys! On our way to our hotel room we came across this friendly wild deer roaming around and in the evening we bumped into each other again and he came so close and trying to smell Mr.Freddy.

Mr.Freddy at 16 month old. He grows up so fast!

Now it's time for me to go to bed and tomorrow's another day. I really can't wait for this trip!


Annachiara said...

wow my darling!!!
favolous pics!!! your baby is always cool and cute :D looove he :D

Sweet said...

wonderful house...and it looks like summer is doing you great especially with Freddy look at his smile...


Carina said...

Hope you have tons of fun on your trip. Those deer were very tame...usually they get really jumpy around people!!!

Coincidentally, I visited the Ernest Hemingway hotel in Havana last May. This is neat!

Fanny said...

Mr.Freddy is dresses so well! cute x

Reese Milania said...

Sis I know that you are very busy, but can I ask for a favor? Can you tell Pam to call me, I tried calling her but I think she changed her number or something. Tell her I needed to talk to her ASAP lol. Thanks and enjoy your vacay soon. Muah!

Daphne said...

Such great vacation photos. I would love to go there. Never been. he had a very nice house.
HOpe you have an awesome time on your upcoming vacation.

Fashion Baggage said...

Your child is so cute ,he is going to be a show stopped when he get older! The area look great want to visit!

Diane said...

Hy! The detail about the cats is great! and Mr.Freddie is so cute, as always!!


Schnappy said...

Hy! Very cool photos! Your son very sweet! :)
And roe so amazing! :)
Have a nice week!

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