Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Swimming with Manatees

Talking about our tedious journey this past month, swimming with manatees was the first activity we did in Florida. Wiki says, Manatees(familyTrichechidae, genusTrichechus) are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorousmarine mammalssometimes known as sea cows. They measure up to 13 feet/4 meters long, weigh as much as 1300 pounds/600 kilograms, and have paddle-like flippers. The night before, I was so anxious and quite hesitant. Hubby repetitively explained to me that manatees are harmless and friendly but still I couldn't imagine myself or hubby swimming with a sea creature as big as sharks. I was unsatisfied of his thoughts. I stayed up late and scrutinized online if there's any report on harmful manatee and the result was nil. In addition, I felt that sense of relief after reading stories from people who had experienced swimming with manatee. Then, I went to bed with feeling at ease.

Morning has came. Taking the first step of our manatee tour.

We started sailing around 7 a.m.- a hazy and chilly morning in Crystal River. The temperature still dropped down in Florida during winter especially in the crack of dawn.

Inside the boat. Mr.Freddy was so well-behaved. The day before our manatee tour, I googled an image of manatee and showed him what it looks like. He was excited to see one of them.

Beautiful view on the way to the manatee quarter, the sun shone so bright that the water was as clear as a mirror.

One of the signs along the river, so people must be cautious and slow down. The river is shallow that the boat's propeller is sharp which may cause serious injuries to a manatee.

We finally reached the manatee complex. That's hubby, setting up his underwater camera. Take a look closer on this photo, a bunch of manatees in front of him. About thirty to forty of them showed up that day.

Spotted a group of Manatee Researchers at the river. They do conduct and study manatees in order to address their health issues.

The sun glared out of a vivid skies that makes the river a crystalline water but swimming in 66F temperature is too cold for me. This was like swimming in the ice cold water. Brrrr....

I was freezing already but I had fun swimming and interacting with the manatees.

My favorite photo that hubby took.

Not only manatees, this river is surrounded with beautiful fishes.

It was an amusing and one-of-a-kind experience indeed with my hubby. I wish Freddy had joined with us but he backed out. He didn't like to wear his wet suit. But it was okay that he didn't, it was too cold for him to swim. He just stayed in the boat with the captain. I remember, he was bawling when he saw his father jumped out in the water. He thought hubby got drowned so he went back (still bawling, calling his daddy's name) inside the boat and grabbed a life vest and trying to hand it over to his dad. I didn't teach him about life vest but it's a smart gesture for a 2 1/2 year old child being aware of the importance of a life vest.

Lastly, sharing you a cute video of manatees captured by hubby. I hope you enjoy watching it.


Daphne said...

How cool is this trip? I didn't even know such thing existed. We visit manatees at sea world all the time but to swim with them. Amazing.

mila said...

Wow! That looks like fun...the water is beautiful. Below 70 degree water? Brr!! haha. The manatees are soo cute, I bet Mr. Freddy enjoyed them! I love the pictures:)


Reese Milania said...

OMG so freaking cool!!!

fhen said...

oh wow the view is amazing! and it seems like a really fun trip!


Danae said...

Hello! I'm so glad you are blogging again! I loved your latest outfit (your legs look gorgeous) and your new haircut.
You seem to had realy good time on your vacation. Your husband always has the best ideas to make your trips memorable. Swimming with Manatees must be amazing, definetly sth I would like to try!
I have some "adventure" coming up too, as I'm leaving tonight (Friday night) for a weekend of skiing, which I have never tried before. We'll see how that will go! If I survive I'll post photos:)
A lot of kisses to you and the sweetest man, your son!
Love, Danae

Leigh said...

great photos!!! looks like such a cool experience! i also adore your son's hat! :)

Toni said...

looks like you guys had so much fun! makes me want to hit the beach soon! thank God summer's just around the corner here in Pi :)

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Mom Daughter Style said...

how fun! that's something unsual.

dati inisip ko rin dito naman yung swim with the dolphin pero di koparin nagawa.

continue to enjoy life.

Fashion Mom said...

waw! I envy you su much! what an experience, i love doing diving, i went to Turkey last year and I did scubadiving, such a wonderful world under the sea. But what you did makes me dream, i love so much animals. xxx

Dana Paramita said...

great photos!
anyway i love your header <3 nice blog

Kasia said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures! :)


michelle_ said...

so lucky you got to swim with those creatures !
i wish i had the opportunity to do that :D

Jing said...

Hi mom!I missed you too.I'm glad you're back in blogging na.I watched the fun!wanna try it.cute pa rin si Mr.Freddy walang kupas.stay happy and gorj!

Jasmine Sinclair said...

So brave! I would have never done anything like that! I also love year hair in the previous post! Just found your blog and will be coming by to visit Moe often! Check out my blog Ma Vie en La Mode and if you like comment and follow!

Jasmine Sinclair

Savvy Gal said...

oh my, how very fun. Mr. F looks so big. : )

FashionJazz said...

Hope you are well hun! Mr Freddy is growing up so quickly, still as cute as ever! :)

Zarna said...

mr freddy looks adorable in that hat!

lovely underwater photos btw :)

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