Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thankful For All The Things You Do


I appreciate very much how my husband finds and spends time for me even though he has been toiling at work. I know, when he starts his on-season, he becomes extra busy that he works almost sixteen hours every day including weekends. When he leaves for work Mr.Freddy and I are still sound asleep and he comes home still working on his laptop. One day he came home from work, not as late as he used to, so we went to the park together while Mr.Freddy was napping and lucky me, he took photographs of me. It sounds corny but, we considered it as part of the ''date''. In a relationship, I realized that sometimes we don't need to shove money in the pocket to spend some moolah to go out for a date or eat at a fancy restaurant. Hubby and I have shallow happiness that we watch movies together at home, while munching on popcorn. This is one of the simple things we do together.


By the way, I always forget to tell that I have a twitter account. However, only confirmed followers have accessed to my tweets. You need to send me a request before you can start following my twitter. For you, it doesn't make sense why my twitter is restricted while my blog still remains for public viewing, right?! I will just tell you later on that.

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MissNeira said...

Such sweet photos. Did you change your hair?! you look so lovely!

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Miss Neira

rebeltakipte said...

i love the dress and all of your photos :)

Alicia said...

You have a sweet husband :) You look STUNNING! What a gorgeous green maxi dress & beautiful photos!!


Rose said...

I still am loving your new hair colour. And always think reddish hair shades go well with green clothing.
How terrible your hubby works such long hours :( and on weekends too. I would be super grumpy if i did those type of hours.


Olesya said...

beautiful green dress, which you very well, I like it:)

Look and you will see me in the blog;)

Koka!nna said...

Beautiful pictures ! Lovely dress.

smile all the time ! ;]


p.s. Check my blog and follow if you like it :)

Cátia said...

The green dress suits you so well. Really, it matches perfectly with your skin and hair color.


Savvy Gal said...

It is so important to show appreciation. Btw, you look fresh as a daisy. : )

Mom Daughter Style said...

hi, i love the green! ang payat mo na ha.

I feel the same with my hubby. I am thankful for him. We're lucky ladies. My husband's got two jobs too, wala nga sya ngayon 11 pm pa darating, wawa naman cia.

Nathalie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog x

great dress and colour x

Pszczoła said...

dress is amazing<3
you look so wonderful and fresh :)

Oh my Dior! said...

you look extremely pretty in that dress i love it!

Rania Kelesidou said...

Very beautiful dress and photos!And nice blog too,just followed you :)

vintage process said...

Amazing pictures!

cher a. said...

that green dress is gorgeous!

cherie said...

gorgeous,gorgeous you! you look so beautiful in the green dress!

BB said...

I really love your dress :)

yumiKo said...

congratulations for your blog!
The photos are really beautiful and original!

If you could follow each other! ^_^

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