Wednesday, July 20, 2011

NYC again

Here I am again I have not yet finished my NYC jaunt. Haha! Pardon me because I enjoyed so much in the Big Apple.

We woke up so early in the morning to catch the spectacle of The Early Show.This is the most memorable experience in the second day of my NYC journey. But this time it was only me and my dearest friend, AMS. Our friend MH had to get a good rest at the hotel after walking around the city. She is pregnant, and she needs more sleep.

On the set of the Early Show with the casts of the cooking segment show.They are tasting the food here that Chef Leahy cooked (the man standing on the extreme left in turquoise shirt).

I am not yet a fathom away between me and the casts and the cameras. This is how so close the distance I am from them. Yay!

With chief weathercaster, Lonnie Quinn. He is very friendly and approachable- he even chatted with us.

After watching The Early Show live, we went straight for the studio tour.

This is the topic that day.

The studio is surrounded by many of these cameras left and right starting from the floor to ceiling.

We arrived early in the set of The Early Show but we had to wait two more hours before the show starts, so we rummaged around those prestigious shops along Fifth Avenue, known as the most expensive shopping streets in the world. I have no budget to shop and I don't think I can afford the merchandise here, so we just photograph ourselves outside of the stores.

There was a photo shoot along Fifth Avenue. I bet this shot was something from a brand clothing for their Autumn collection. Any guess what brand name collection is this? My friend's guess was may be for Phillip Lim collection.


And on the way back to the hotel, we passed by Philppines Embassy. This is awesome! I am so proud be Pinoy!

On my outfit; I was wearing borrowed maxi dress from MH, H&M black cardigan, Blowfish gladiators, belt worn as choker, and Louis Vuitton Paloma bag.


Dawson said...

I love that dress and the bag is great. Looks like you guys had so much fun! :)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

I like how you paired your blue maxi with the red choker. Nice color combo!

CMA said...

love your shades!
this is great!
i hope you'll come by and see my posts about my journey through spain and my first look since returning to the states!


Dora said...

Looks like you had an awesome time.I love the sunglasses you are wearing in these photos :)

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

ah walking around on 5th and between 5th and madison! oh girl, i love that city and i love seeing those pics! my favorite shopping area is still soho! they have all the big names, but i love the vibe of soho! so different from 5th avenue area!

PorcelainTear said...

Och I envy you because my biggest dream is love in NYC! I love this city! + you look so good in this blue maxi dress :*

Carme Garvilles said...

You're beautiful. Good that you have a good time with friends. Enjoy your day. :)

Coily Mystic said...

phto's are fabulous!!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway contest!!

Oh my Dior! said...

love your shades it seem like a very cool trip!

Mila said...

It's so cool to see picture of you in New York--I absolutely LOVED it when I went a few years ago. You look gorgeous in these pictures--and that's awesome that you got to go to the Early Show!!:)


Diamonddigger said...

the maxi dress is truly gorgeous! i love the entire look ;-)

Kimberly said...

Hey !
Looks like you had a good time in the Big Apple.
Like your LV bag :)

noura. said...

this is amazing!

ISABELLE said...

Love your maxi dress!
You look pretty!


Angela said...

Bonjour!!! Waou!!! Super party et les photos sont super!!!!!!!!!
Angela Donava

Ariyanti Tjiang said...

What a great day!

mind to follow me?

Mar said...

I love this maxi dress, and the the Gucci photo when you showed off your lovely leg is priceless! You pretty ladies had soo much fun! - Mar

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