Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Monday!

... First day of the week, and I begin my first day of the week with full of fun, lively and pleasant. This morning we didn't go to the park, because the path is totally coated in mud or dirt from the rain last night, so we went window shopping at Old Navy making Mr.Freddy preoccupied for awhile.

He loves dogs. Wherever we go, every time he sees a dog he likes to pet it. Even this dog dummy, when we go to Old Navy he actually stops in front of the dog, and he gives the dog a big hug.


He found his perfect gf, the one who doesn't talk back. Last month, they are the same height, but now Mr.Freddy is taller than her already. The Lil' Man is growing like a weed.

This boy has really a good sense of humor. Naturally.

Happy Monday everyone! To those who have followed me, I will follow you back, but I need your patience. Motherhood is taking over daily.


Maruschka said...

hi mr freddy. little sweet boy. love your pictures!

Miss Lou said...

How fun pictures!!!

Besos from BARCELONA!

B-in-To said...

I love these pictures,Mr Freddy is sooo cute and funny he should be a model for kids catalogues.Happy belated birhtday to mr freddy.Your husband and you did an amazing job with the birthday cake!!!!oh and the previous post "copycat" is really cute you really are a beautiful family.God bless you

Monique said...

your son is so sweet so amazing to see him grow so fast right! love that goofy photo!

Miu said...

Thank you!

The picture with "his perfect girlfriend" is so cute :D

oomph. said...

haha, cute photos! my son would be knocking those over!


Anonymous said...

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