Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baby Pictures

Ok. Now I am back. I'm so happy to let you know that we are all safe and sound in the aftermath of hurricane Irene. (Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.) The hurricane wasn't as destructive as predicted, but in some parts of New England like Vermont they really got affected. (My heart goes out to people of Vermont.)

Since there was no power during stormy days, I did nothing except spending quality time with the family, and doing household chores around the house. Hubby and I organized Mr.Freddy's room that he is truly in love with his new bed and his new room. Every time someone came over to our house, he proudly said and invited them to climb upstairs to see his new bed, and lay on his bed. He really sounds so cute to hear him saying, and telling someone about his bed, and he is going to be part of repainting it.

Because of the storm there was nowhere to go, we were stuck around the four corners of the house with no electricity for two days. Yet, this is a hard situation having a handful child. I had to think of activities to make Mr.Freddy pre-occupied. Good thing, my laptop had enough juice after power outages, and I got to share his baby pictures again. He loves looking at his baby pictures anyway. He listened with rapt attention to my stories. These are some of the pictures that we were looking at.

What a fudgy face!


The first two photos below were taken when he was at 4 months still.

Twelve more days before he turned 6 months old.

At 6 months.


With all these photos, I noticed he had already loved the camera since he was a baby. His smile is one of the proofs. What a happy child he has been. Until now his sense of humor still has not changed. He is really a clown.


Aissata said...

awww!!!. he's so cute

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Tessa said...

What a precious bambino!! I am very excited that as mothers, we can use blogging to capture all of those precious moments...then when our kiddos get older, we can share our journey with them!

Looking forward to following ;)

Violet said...

Glad to here that you are you guys are safe. and luckily you had a charged laptop for some kind of entertainment.

adorable flashback photos of little freddy

Vi from Cali

janettaylor said...

OMG! So cute, thanks for sharing...


Olesya said...

good post. miracle child, very beautiful and nice)

Look and you see me *

AnnaMoon said...

Hello! I have long been following for you:)

Lisa said...

What great pictures! He is just adorable!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm your newest follower! :)

Susie said...

Cute ;)

Mom Daughter Style said...

ako naman when RC looks at her baby picture on the wall sabi nya baby princess daw. im glad you are safe.

very cute pictures!

Ellen said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing and for visiting our blog (
Have a great weekend! Ellen

Erin said...

I remember taking some of these pictures at our old apartment! How time flies huh?? Before you know it they will be off to school!

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