Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick-or-Treating in Pit Crew Costume


When Mr.Freddy was Buzz Lightyear from last year's Halloween, he was dressed up as Lightning McQueen pit crew tonight. He did a great job trick-or-treating earlier; he went home with bucketful of candies and chocolates. If he was too scared with all the scary costumes of the kids last year, tonight the lil' man was braved and joined with the neighborhood kids halloweening. He had so much fun, and as a mother I am also pleased watching my son going house to house , knocking on people's door and reciting that famous line over and over again; Trick-or-treat! while reaching his basket. Whenever someone gave him treats, he ran towards us (to hubby and I) to show what he got. We took him trick-or-treating around the circle of our neighborhood and his bucket got really filled and heavy for him that he had difficulty lifting it, so he asked his dad to carry his treats. When we came home, he quickly poured his bucketful of candies on the floor and ate them. But with some of his candies, he only removed them out from their wrappers, tasted only them briefly and open a new candy. I knew, he will eat all of his candies if I didn't stop him. It's a great joy knowing the lil' man had really a great time trick-or-treating tonight.


Thank you very much for reading! Thank you to all commentators and hello to my new followers! I request your patience and I would get back to you sometime this week. Hope you had an awesome and spooky Halloween!


milana2078 said...

Wow! What is fashionable racer! Bravo!


Charlotte's House said...

So cute:-) What was your costume?

Adele said...

He looks so cute in that costume & wow so many sweets!!!

Miss Chloe said...

Oh how I miss trick or treating! I might just have to borrow someones child next year to take them! haha so adorable.

L'art said...

Awwww!!! He's so cute! My daughter was ballerina for Halloween :)

caise said...

I love that costume!
I think it's a great tradition and I wish I could dress like that and collect some sweats ;-)

Ivana said...

Oh my, he looks so so cute and adorable! Great choice of costume!

xx Ivana
Style in the City

Libelle said...

He looks so sweet :)



Iza said...

He looks so lovely ;)

Andreea said...

Awwww, your son looks so sweet! <3


Arnold Teja said...

Cute son! Love his costum!

klepi said...

wow this is so beautiful!!!

Emmy said...

Such a cute costume:) And belated Happy Halloween!

Filipa said...

so cute omg

Carina Joana said...

He looks so cute! Im so jealous, here in Portugal we don't celebrate halloween but its such a cool tradition! I wish we did! Glas he had fun :D He sure looks like it with all those candies!!

Carina Joana said...

He looks so cute! Im so jealous, here in Portugal we don't celebrate halloween but its such a cool tradition! I wish we did! Glas he had fun :D He sure looks like it with all those candies!!

Naina said...

Haha, so cute! I just went as a massive bear - yes I still went trick or treating despite the fact that I'm two decades old :/


Veronica Popoiacu said...

the whole post is awesome ! he is awesome !

kisses dear


LinasStyle said...

Oh how cute he's adorable! I should post my daughter's outfit!


AdamAlexMommy said...

My son is a huge Lightning McQueen fan, and Mr. Freddy looks super-cute! Looks like he had fun. :)


Someone In Mind said...


Thanks for visiting my blog.


LV said...

Your son is so adorable! I love these photos!


Sugar with Spikes said...

aww he so cute in this race outfit!


Live life glamorous said...

Look at him! He have a lot of candy. Watch out for his beautiful smile. :)

Carla McCarthy said...

He's so cute! Me and hubby went yesterday as Batman and Robin to Lincoln rd, Miami Beach! I'll be posting soon!
How about you ? Where's the costume... beijosss

I have an award in my blog waiting for you!I hope you enjoy it!


Monique said...

wow he got a lot of candy!

Karima said...

I was anticipating your Halloween post and it was just as lovely as I thought it be!

Rosa | Red Velvet + Leopard said...

Your son looks adorable!!! Looks like you had a lovely Halloween! :)



chillairandperfume said...

Awe, I love his little costume.

Unfortunately I didn't do anything for Halloween this year. I had way too much homework, and I just couldn't get away from it :( I've already got big costume plans for next year, though. Hehe.


april said...

so cute :)


Pink MagaLine said...

Yay! Lots of candies for the pretty boy. Be sure to brush your teeth after munching all of those candies okay? Hihi.

Katherines Corner said...

A very handsome trick or treater, nice bag of treats too. Thank you for stopping by Katherines corner. I look forward to many more visits to your lovely blog. Hugs♥

elenalovesthis said...

OMG!!! he's soooo cute!!!!
Nice blog!! you have a new follower! thanks for the visit and the comment! follow my blog if you like it!

Minna said...

Hahah, a lot of candies! :D

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