Sunday, December 18, 2011

Friends For Keeps

With my dearest friends Mabel and Alpha. Thank you for the photo, Jeff!

I had the best night with my beautiful best pals this past friday. We had dinner at the Quincy Marriott Hotel. Take note, with no kiddos... we are just mothers so we had so much fun. Don't get me wrong, I love to be with my Mr.Freddy but every once in a while, I need some me-time after my 24/7 job being a mother. I am thankful that I have a very understanding husband and allowed me to go out with my friends and he took care of Mr.Freddy. Even before, going out at night with my friends is not a problem with him. Actually, when I told him on our plan for ''ladies night out'', husband quickly answered yes. Yet, he is happy for me.


All three of us had enjoyed our time together. Sharing with a good laugh with great friends is so much fun. By the way, these ladies are my close friends. We rarely talk, especially me, I'm not fond of phone call but in my heart I treasure them as ''friends for keeps''. The good factor of our friendship is our age gap is so close. We have much in common; we agree on things and the humor is we do like the same things. As the saying goes, ''Birds of the same feather flock together''. I have no intention of belittling on my acquaintances here but based on my experience, they are the only people I met who have this beyond level of thinking (like dealing with sensitive topics) compared to other people I encountered here. Alpha has been my friend since I came to America. Unlike other people I met here were introduced to me through only a common friend. But my friendship with Alpha started when husband introduced me to her. They first met my husband while I was in my country. My relationship with Mabel began when Alpha introduced her to me. So when I connect the dots looking backwards on how my friendship with Mabel became special- that is because with Alpha. No one has the right to speak and I can't stand people who keep bragging, if not with them I did not have anything. All I can say, I owe nothing to anyone. Anyhow, I don't want you to be jaded with my rant and rave so, enjoy our pictures! Alpha and Mabel, let's do this again! Thanks Alpha for organizing our ''ladies night out''!

Mabel's Dinner: mouthwatering grilled tuna and squash kabobs.

Alpha had all-you-can-eat pork ribs.

I had filet mignon, very tender and savory!

After the sumptuous dinner and chitchats, this is what we were up to- photo shoots here and there. Another funny thing about us, our outfits were matched; Alpha and I went on crimson coats. Mabel and Alpha had an embellished animal printed outfits. Hahaha, look at our chain strap bags too! No, we didn't talk on what to wear. "Great minds think alike'', aren't we?


And the photo shoots were never finished without my solo pictures. Thank you Alpha for my paparazzi that night!

Earrings were birthday present from Alpha.

Hahaha, even the hotel floor became the victim of my photo shoot! I was so enthusiastic with the carpet on how it matches my blouse.


Thanks for reading! I hope you had a great weekend. For the previous giveaway, I haven't chosen the winner yet- my apologies! I will announce the winner sometime this week.


L'art said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! That food looks so yummy! It's great to have a get together with your best friends from time to time without kids or husbands.

Margarida said...

Lovely pics:) and the food looks delicious!

marama said...

You look amazing. Love your shirt =)

Emmy said...

All you ladies looked lovely:) There's nothing like good friends to share dinner with....aside from the family, of course.

CottonCandyINK said...

your outfit is beautiful, and the food looks so yummy

Mila said...

You all look so festive! I love all the outfits, and the food looks delicious. Happy holidays! :)


ps. in reply to your comment on my blog, I'm already following you, and you're on my blog roll! :)

Little Ms. Fun said...

You ladies looked amazing!! & that food looks delicious!! Kudos to your hubby for letting you have a much needed girls night out. Sounds like you guys had a blast. :)

yiqin; said...

the food looks YUMMY

Skinny Moonstick said...

You girls look gorgeous! Looks like you had a great time- food looks yummy!!! And purple color really suits you well :)
Good luck!

Adele said...

These are the best sort of girlie evenings - fab photos xoxo

Miss Caitlin S. said...

I'm sure a night out was very much appreciated. Food looks great and I LOVE your outfit!

Rena said...

your blouse is great, I love the color

.sabo skirt. said...

You trio are all gorgeous.. We love all coats that you wore... Beautiful... Great inner outfits too..

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Phuong said...

i love your fur coat and food looks very good

Travel in Style

Sam said...

Such a stylish group of ladies, so nice that you got a chance to all get together.

sabrina maida said...

hi thank you for following, im following back ! btw i love your outfit :)

signature mix said...

What a fun ladies night and I love the top you wore. I just had a little reunion with some girlfriends who visited from out of town and it could not have been more perfect. I love those friendships that you know will just last forever.

Shara said...

omg i am so hungy now!looks great!love ur blouse kisses
La Folie 

toni | perfumed red shoes said...

this is making me miss my highschool girls! love the color of your top. you're pretty as always!

just tututiny said...

Fabulous outfit, I love the color of that top! You look gorgeous with your hair pulled back like that. Look at you posing so beautifully and even on the carpet too ;) Very lovely!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

playwithfashion said...

NIce girls night out! Love the burgundy coat!

Seamos Realistics said...

You look gorgeous!!Too many days without log in internet and I've seen ur main Xmas pic with ur son and it's so cute!!


Teddi said...

i think that hotel floor was a striking photo backdrop. :) looking pretty with your friends for christmas!

Kimbunnii said...

Beautiful blouse, wine/burgundy colors are so in this season!


I'm all nuts about the fur coat these days. Your blog is so full of warmth. Happy Christmas!

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Anna said...

The food looks absolutley delicious and you and your girlfriends look gorgeous - the fun and happiness radiates out from these photos which goes to show the fun you obviously had on the night. Theres nothing better than a catch up with girlfriends and just some you and them time.

Anna xo

Designing Domesticity said...

A night away from the kiddos - so lucky! It only takes a couple hours to make a huge difference. YOu look great! liz

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Jinna Boo said...

u all look soo cute
i really love the color of your blouse!


chillairandperfume said...

Looks like you had a great time! You looked beautiful.

caise said...

you look gorgeous! and this food looks delicious:)

StyleIDnet said...

Love your coats girls.

Mom Daughter Style said...

how sweet! I miss some of my friends here that already left the island and I miss my old coworkers too haaaay.

I have a similar blouse just different color pero ang hirap i-iron lol, tamad ako.

Advance Merry Christmas, stay pretty.

Ces of

Kate L. said...

You look gorgeous!!!


Shasie said...

You ladies look so chic! And the food is yummy! One always needs girl time!
Shasie of Live Life in Style

audrinajulia said...

Love all the photos and it's nice to know you have the time now to visit your friends..sometimes we all moms need a break, maybe with a friend or "me time" to nwind and recharge a bit. It's really a blessing from above to find a real person who will be your best pal..glad you have them. God bless!

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