Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Holidays!

The Lil' Man in every Christmas of the year- 2008, 2009 and 2010. From being so chunky baby, and turning into a big boy now. He is growing like a weed.

The Lil' Man on Christmas 2011.

We had a wonderful Christmas time. As I have said, my Christmas is more enjoyable since Mr.Freddy came into my life. It's been a joy while watching him as he opened his presents from Santa.

On Christmas morning, he was so overwhelmed with all the presents he received.''Are these presents for me, Mommy?"

Yes, that cheeky grin on his face.

So many gifts. He's on Santa's good list; good boy, checked! listen to his Mom and Dad, checked! Well-behaved- (Mmmm... not so always WELL- behaved but at least once in a while.

In every special occasion, I never fail not to take pictures, so here's our Merry Christmas 2011 Photo Memories, on the morning of Christmas.

Still a sleepy lil' man? or I guess, he got tired from the day of baking our thumbprint cookies.

Waaahhh! No! He's not sleepy and tired, he was pretending to be sound asleep. *shaking my head with a smile* The Lil' Man was so silly. I love his sense of humor.

He is the reason why I am happy.

His euphoric smile. I can tell how blissful and lively he was surrounded with gifts, small or big gifts- and that's the magic of gifts on Christmas.

With my joy.

Our Christmas 2011 family portrait.

Hope you had a magical Christmas and a Happy New Year!


CottonCandyINK said...

such cute photos

Teddi said...

what a joy to see him so delighted with his gifts! every single photo is adorable. i think i have white snowflake ornaments very similar to yours. happy new year! :)

L'art said...

You both looked equally excited about his Christmas gifts! ;) That's the best part of Christmas, to see your own kid get so happy ripping all that wrapping paper and finding out some awesome presents :)
Happy New Year!!

caise said...

you have such a beautiful family

Happy New Year

Violet said...

aww these are so cute! the one where he is smiling really big he looks so much like you! im glad you guys had a great christmas and i hope you are having a great new years.

Vi from Cali

Adele said...

Aaah, love the last shot of you all together. It's amazing to see the changes each year in Freddie. Happy 2012 xoxo

The Afternoon Tea said...

My dear tea-follower , Happy New Year.

elenalovesthis said...

You look so nice and happy!!! I love christmas and I guess you too!!! what a nice christmas tree...
Your son is so cute! I love the pjs
Happy new year!

The diary of Sophie said...

Nice pics:)

Happy New Year dear!!!!!

Lane de Deus Peixoto said...

Happy new year!!! Best wishes to you and your lovely family!

Frankly My Dear said...

he has the cutest smile, such a photogenic boy! happy new year!

Jenna@TheLifeoftheWife said...

Your son is TOO CUTE! I love the pics of him through each Christmas! I can't wait to do that with my son.


lisa signorini said...

ooohhh!! lovely family!

I wish to u a brilliant 2012!!!
New post from Paris on my blog: I'm waiting for your comment!

Amber said...

Looks like you had a good christmas!

I tagged you in a post!

Susan said...

Happy New Year! Very nice photos and your son is very adorable!

WendyLew said...

Happy New Year! This is such a beautiful blog! I absolutely love it! It made me a little teary eyed because I know the love you feel for your son, I feel the same way for my baby boy, and they grow up so fast! I am new to mommy blogging and I hope you can follow me too! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!

Cool Vanity said...

Nice pictures.
Happy New Year, kisses.

Mom Daughter Style said...

nakita ko yung leapster explorer, I have the same gift for RC this year. nice pictures with all of you in pajamas

cryskay said...

love these photos. thanks for sharing! he is growing up to be such a stud! happy new year. xx

WendyLew said...

Hey, I'm glad you got my message, but I don't see you on my followers list. :(

Filipa said...

what is christmas without children.. beautiful photos :)
Happy 2012 *

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