Friday, March 23, 2012

Bryce Canyon Photo Diary

Heavy snowfall heading our way to Bryce Canyon. It was sunny when I fell asleep in the car, and when I woke up we were above 3000 feet in elevation and to my surprise it was snowing! The snow was heavy and thick that made me scared to travel, but kudos to the husband for always the best and brilliant driver!

Half way down the mountain the snow started to subside and within an hour's travel to Bryce, these beautiful illuminated hoodoos enthralled us.

Bryce Canyon National Park in the winter.

Another place we visited on our vacation was Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. It is best known for the beautiful and bizarre rock spires called hoodoos, scenic vistas, and the dark night sky. I love this park. We got there before sunset. The views are unbelievable in the winter. The contrast of snow on orange red rock is stunning and so magical.


Mr.Freddy loves snow and always want to eat it. If I can help it, I don't let him, but he is way too quick ahead of me all the time. He is driving me crazy. When he saw a blanket of snow, he lay down on the snow and started licking it. But I had to stop him because I am not so certain if eating snow is safe for kids. Husband told me when he was a child he used to eat snow all the time, just don't eat the yellow snow. But still I don't agree with husband even if it's not yellow. Yes, Mr.Freddy licked the snow but I didn't allow him to eat or swallow it, for his safety.

He had fun making a snow angel.

With the love of my life. This photo was taken on our way back to the hotel, Mr.Freddy was in his car seat buckled up. It was very cold so the plan was husband would take a quick snapshot of me only behind this sign. Suddenly, there was a couple who came and the man was kind to offer to take our photo.

Mule deer in Bryce Canyon.


The gateway to Bryce Canyon.

Beautiful photos from Bryce and another best memories with my beautiful family.

Thank you all for your love and amazing support! Happy Friday and have a great weekend ahead.


caise said...

wow! I'm speechless! stunning pictures!

rooth said...

Beautiful family photo at the end! And the canyon covered in snow is pretty darn spectacular

Val Fox said...

What gorgeous photography!! Lovely family too <3 Oh and Helena's eyes are brown, only Eva and Sean kept their blue eyes. They are all beautiful though!

Sandra Leiva said...

Amazing pictures, dear! <3

Bellamoreway said...

the scenery is so breathtaking! and mr.freddie is as lovely as always :D

Beauty Follower said...

Nice photos,
like the color of the rocks!

Lilli said...

Breathtaking photos my dear! You have a beautiful family, congrats!! I like also your outfit!:) Kisses and happy friday to you too!:*

Emmy said...

Gosh...Bryce Canyon is soooo gorgeous with all that snow!

Emmy said...

Gosh...Bryce Canyon is soooo gorgeous with all that snow!

AgneseFF said...

ohhhh...... So beatiful !!!!!!! Amaizing!!! :))))))))

AfinaSkater said...

Thank you my dear for that photos! I`ve never been in this beautyful place, but thanks your photos of bryce canyon, I have.

Bespoke Biddie said...

Tis looks absolutely dreamy! you have the most handsome family my dear! I'm totally following you



the creation of beauty is art. said...

Oh wow, what a gorgeous, gorgeous place to visit! These photos are amazing!

M said...

I love the photos!!! they're amazing, looks like an amazing trip. im so jealous!:D

Iza said...

Wow, amaizing place ang pics :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see your happy family, honey!

Admirably Pretty said...

Awww, those photos are too cute! You look all so happy, seems like you had a great trip!

XO, Imke

minnja said...

Wow!!! Amazing pictures ;) This place must be so beautiful.
I love the pictures of you and your great family <3


Stefania B. said...

this place is amazing! you took great photos. you´re really a happy family.

Jill said...

thank you for dropping by my blog!
following you now :)
gorgeous pictures and such a beautiful family ^___^
looking forward to more post!


Splendor said...

Beautiful pics that make me feel like I've been there :)! I'm sure a little snow won't hurt.

She's Dressing Up said...

Seriously amazing photographs! <3

Elle Sees said...

just got caught up on your posts. these pictures are amazing!!

shortylegsbeauty said...

Stunning pictures :) Those hoodoos are so beautiful :)
You have such a beautiful family and just by seeing these pictures I know that you are a very happy and loved woman :)

Sada said...

Thank you so much for the follow-back! MORE lovely photos and fun. Such beauty you bring to the blog world!
Dressology HQ

Niesha said...

your son is really cuteeee.

Samyukta ISimplyLoveMakeUp said...

oh my i really haven't seen anything so beautiful as a canyon bathed with snow :) its gorgeous! and lemme tell u again.. ur son is just adorable...

Ink and Eyeliner said...

Oh my god, I'm dying to go there!!!

Laura said...

Thank you for the comment.
The Canyons look breathtaking!

Life is a fairytale said...

Such amazing photos!
Wonderful photography!
Mr.Freddy is very adorable <3
Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog sweetie :)
I am now following you :)
Would be glad if you can follow me back :)
Namita <3

Vera Vanity said...

Hi dear! OMG, the pictures are so fantastic!!! You and your family are so cute! You're everytime so chic. Have a nice week end and try the product for lips from Lush, you'll see that you'll love it ;o). Nobody pay me for to say that ;o), I love it! Xoxo V.V.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so beautiful!

memory said...

Love this gorgeous pictures you've so masterfully taken! It's so neat to see the whole family in there as well! Isn't God's creation so glorious? Love it :)

Thanks for your comment on my book post... I think it's wonderful you encourage your son to read more than he watches tv, that's what my parents did too :) I love how you call him Mr. Freddy! I'm your newest follower now.


Milena said...

Wow, you're right! It looks magical. Incredible photos. :)

With love, Milena xx

Miu said...

That's such an amazing landscape!

When I was younger I wanted to eat snow, too, although my mother told me all the time it contains all the dirt from the air, but I stopped after having stomachache once I ate snow.

Mitha Komala said...

awesome pictures , beautiful scenery ! bet you and your family had lots of fun :DD

Noelle Chantal said...

Beautiful photos!! As in amazing amazing landscape! The snow with the colored rocks is unbelievably beautiful!
Enjoy your fam trip! :)

Mai Mergili said...

really nice pictures and you and your family look so happy :))

Lola said...

Wow, stunning pictures! That's so beautiful, I can't believe it.

Sootjeelina said...

Wow! These pictures are so pretty! The orange looks great "paired" with the white snow! It's gorgeous

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Carolina Krews said...

this looks amazing!



Mariel Torres said...

Oh wow! I had never seen pictures of snow-covered canyons!!! So STUNNING.
and that picture of your cute boy licking the snow? PRICELESS.

Diandindun :) said...

your blog was so awful!

Ive follow you ma'am
please follow back

I'm from Bali, Indonesia


rashmenon said...

Beautiful! And i just love the pic where Mr. Freddy's tasting the snow :)

Collections said...

wow absolutely gorgeous. Your son makes some impressive snow angels :)


grace said...

i'll bet that canyon is lovely in the summer, but in the winter, it's unbelievably beautiful!

Pretty Tiny Things said...

AMAZING pictures ! I wish I could see one of this landscape one day !
Thanks for sharing your stunning pictures!

You are so welcome to come on our blog called Pretty Tiny Things , it will mean a lot if you come for post some commentary or follow us.

Have a good Sunday


Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

Love this post^^ You have such a great blog!

part of me♥mfashionfreak

I'm trying to reach certain amount of followers for my new giveaway since it's my 1 year blog anniversary soon. I'd love to follow you if you would do the same for me? :)

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

Love this post^^ You have such a great blog!

part of me♥mfashionfreak

I'm trying to reach certain amount of followers for my new giveaway since it's my 1 year blog anniversary soon. I'd love to follow you if you would do the same for me? :)

Mrs C said...

What a spectacular sight! I've never seen anything like that before. Beautiful!

And Mr Freddy, don't go eating that snow now.. ;)

.sabo skirt. said...

These are cute photos!:) Looks like you had much fun on your trip!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Inggrid Monalita said...


umm.. i'm now boring. Would you like to follow each other on twitter? Just mention me for follback. Maybe, we can more talk in there:)

Btw, i love ur photos. Really fun yeah! haha:)

Inês de Castro said...

Wow, these photos are amazing! I'm not at all used to seeing this type of lanscape covered with snow :)

Teddi said...

majestic loveliness! fun family photos. :)

Rocío Larrea said...

It's an amazing place! Last summer I went to Grand Canyon, and I feel in love with the landscapes. I have to tell my sisters (that love visiting every single National Park possible as me) that we have to visit this one!
I don't Know when I'm going back to Boston, this easter I go to the south, to Atlanta, I'm really excited. But next time I go we have to see each other, or you can come here!
un kiss

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