Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday With Mr.Freddy


Hello lovely readers! *waving my hand at you* This Monday is the 3rd portion of Monday with Mr.Freddy, and I'm over the moon by all your sweet comments. My smile reaches to my ears. Yes, that's how happy I am!

I went to my Art Class again and before we left the house, my Mommy took some snapshots of me (which I love to pose in front of camera) - wearing Disney Cars tank top, H&M shorts, and TKS sneakers.

Just to let you know, my Mommy doesn't teach me on how and what to pose. I'm only three years old but I always know right away how to pose readily in front of a camera.

Like this picture, I told Mommy to take a photo of me walking on the picnic table, make-believe play this is a stage.

See the veins in my neck? Looked like they are ready to pop out of my skin. Can you guess why I laughed out loud?

Me being goofy again- playing with this plastic container and I tried to stick it behind my butt or stomach. And this was the reason why I was laughing out loud.

This plastic container has a double purpose. Now, I got an instant hat! Hahaha!

Wow, I am big and so strong now! I could pedal and lift this bike already. Last year, I had a hard time pedaling this bike. Tita Alpha gave this to me. Thank you Tita! You've been so kind to me from the very start!

Back to my Art Class, rains and storms were the topic in relation to rainbows which I did previously. My teacher brought a cassette and we listened to the sound of falling rains and thunderstorms. We used one of the five senses on this activity- a sense of hearing.

For the activity, I dip the sponge into the grayish paint then I brushed the sponge starting from the top first then down to the bottom of the paper. On the top of the paper, my teacher put a cloud shape made out of newspaper.

Then, I painted it white for the rain effects.

After Art Class, I played computer at the library. This is like a coloring book. The only difference that this activity was not the book itself I'm coloring and no crayons. Using my hand, I only moved the mouse around the picture and the colors will appear.

Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do. I played the musical xylophone toy.

A warm weather was the reason for me not to spend more time inside the library, so I went outside and rode the swing again.

I played hard at the playground. I made new friends that day. I didn't want to go home but it was so close to lunch time and Mommy was hungry (my poor mommy), so we went home. See... I've been a good boy to her. I listened to her.



★ JASMINE ★ {BarbieBombshell} said...

absolutely precious!
amazing photos!

love the new post!
happy monday!


Irene Buffa said...

so jelous u have such a cutie baby <3



Elle ღ said...

sweet pictures :))

Fashion&Chocolate - handbag/ring/Lush GIVEAWAY

Elle ღ

Kalina said...

handsome stylish young man ;)

Queen Ariel said...

So lovely boy you have! :-) and wow those red sneakers!;-)

Milena said...

He is so cute! You have amazing son :)
With love, Milena

Iza said...

He is amaizing child :)

Mesmerize said...

ohh so cute photos! I love it:)

Irina said...

great pics!

Teddi said...

mr. freddy you do some great poses in front of the camera! it looks like it's getting warmer where you live. :)

april said...

so cute..looks liek an awesome weather there

Emma said...

Hello, how have you been??? He's so cool, love the red shoes!!! Come see my new post.

xo Emma

Audrey Allure said...

So adorable! Love his cute little sneakers :)

Tudo Sobre Moda said...

Own, he is so cute!!!

ann paige said...

Your are way too adorable Mr.Freddy and I must say you are s natural in front of the camera!!!


Quiqui said...

Very cute pictures!!!

jslimanjaya said...

He is soooooo cute! :) I wish I could meet him!

sorry for the late reply, sure i would like to follow each other! Followed. Hope you do the same soon :)

Rocío Larrea said...

He is soooooooo sweet!!!!!!!

Anita said...

Lovely blog.

Anita said...

Lovely blog.

Lilli said...

he is soo adorable!!^^ kisses dear!

Natasha said...

So cute, love the shoes :)

Blog 101 said...

He is the real prince charming!!!

Blog 101 said...

He is the real prince charming!!!

Anonymous said...

Smart and handsome boy!

thehiddenfairy said...

Mr. Freddy is such a heartthrob! cute little boy!

caise said...

he is so adorable!

Elle Sees said...

Aww a cute little handful he is!

Jasmine of ❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

wow, he is getting so big! what a gorgeous boy he is. :)

it was really nice meeting you at the conference over the wknd. hope we can see each other again at the next event.

have a great rest of your wk!


Bellamoreway said...

what could be cuter than mr. freddie with the swing? <3 he's just too adorable!

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