Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Belated Happy Easter

He woke up at 5:30AM and found a beautiful surprise treat from the Easter Bunny- an Easter bunny chocolate and a Disney Cars Big Book of Stories.

Gnawing Easter bunny's ear off first.
The Easter Bunny lost his ears.
Blue eyed Easter Bunny.
No more blue eyed bunny. Poor thing.
A broken Easter bunny. Poor thing.

Hubby and I had a plan to give Mr.Freddy a bath and dressed him up before going out to hunt Easter eggs. While husband was cooking for breakfast, he saw Mr.Freddy in the window, in the backyard, with a handful of Easter eggs that he had heading earlier in the morning. It seems that Mr.Freddy went outside looking for Easter eggs and he found them! We asked him why he went out to the backyard and he said, ''I was looking for my Easter eggs from Easter Bunny". We were surprised because we never taught him. So smart Mr.Freddy!

He went out barefoot and still in his pajamas. 
He enjoyed Easter egg hunting.
He found another egg, left by the Easter bunny.
He was so happy as he opens the Easter egg.
His blue tongue and lips from eating blue marshmallow peeps.



Lyosha said...

lovely celebration! Mr. Freddy looks great. hope you a great fun, all of you!

Inside and Outside Blog

Emmy said...

Belated happy easter:) Look at Mr.Freddy enjoy the sweets....too cute.

Jersey Blogess said...

Yuuuumm! he looked like he had fun.

Kelinha said...

Nice chocolate ;)

rooth said...

Oh my what a huge chocolate bunny. What a lucky boy!

Party Of Four said...

Cute! Looks like he had a great Easter. I need one of those chocolate bunnies! lol

Vera Vanity said...

OmG, so cute :o)!!! Have a nice time and see you soon. Xoxo V.V.

Teddi said...

i agree your mr. freddy is very smart! that may be the biggest chocolate bunny i have ever seen. i adore your field of daffodils. :)

Lilli said...

These images are so sweet! Hope you have had a nice Easter dear! Kisses!:)

Tara India said...

This post is the cutest! I bet all that chocolate didn't last long! xox

Splendor said...

I LOVED those hollow chocolate bunnies as a kid. Looks Like he had a great Easter!

anhesty said...

what a cutie!!! happy belated easter!

Iza said...

Wow, such a big bunny :)

Mimi said...

your son is just ttoooooooo cute!!!

would love to follow each other, just started :)

xx mimi

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