Thursday, April 26, 2012

Boston Public Garden in Spring


Yesterday, Mr.Freddy and I took the train to Boston to meet my girlfriend Pipay and had lunch with her. (Pipay, thank you for squeezing me into your very busy schedule and it was great to see you again, girlfriend!)  It was a beautiful day to roam the city, so after a nourishing lunch, Mr.Freddy and I strolled around the Boston Public Gardens- the oldest park in the country, and window shopping on Newbury Street. But, my girlfriend didn't join with us because she needed to return to work.


The Boston Public Garden is a wonderful place to go for a walk or you can go for a ride on the swan boats on the lagoon. My family and I love this park. We go here every season of the year and many holidays. In the Spring and Summer, the colorful tulips are in bloom all over the park that add brightness to the garden. The gardens looked so fascinating  and I couldn't help myself, so it was a fun challenge for me to ask a few strangers to take a picture of me with Mr.Freddy. To strangers, thank you for taking such lovely photos!

Thank you Pipay for the photo!
Thank you very much for reading! I apologize for not responding to your comments in a timely manner. Life has been pretty busy lately but I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Rousse Roulette said...

Sunglasses ;D

Teddi said...

i would like the boston gardens too. such lovely tulips. sweet strangers took fun photos of you together! you captured some precious moments of mr. freddy, on your camera, too. :) nice spring day to have lunch with a friend.

milana2078 said...

You look very stylish! Brava!

Rocío Larrea said...

I miss so much Boston!! the pictures are really sweet!!
un kiss

Lilli said...

you both look so sweet! kisses dear!

rooth said...

The gardens and those tulips are just so gorgeous! Looks like y'all had a fun time

Kayle said...

I love the outfits! Denim looks good on your son :)
So cute!

Ti said...

Aww, your pictures are so cute! :) Very adorable

kaura said...

oh i love all those pictures. they're all so pretty and you look so happy (:


rashmenon said...

tulips and Mr. Freddy and your sense of style that is always spot on have made for another great post :)

The Golden Girls said...

This is absolutely adorable! We hope to be fashion mommies some day! Love your blog! Hugs from Cali xx,The Golden Girls

shortylegsbeauty said...

LOVELY photos :)
Tulips are so beautiful :)

audrinajulia said...

Love all your amazing photos.:) For a mom like us it's really pouring in excitement to see friends that with stand for us thru times. I know you have a wonderful time with your girlfriend. Mr. Freddy turning to a little big boy huh.:)

Yogi said...

Lovely post! Happy child!

Mom Daughter Style said...

beautiful pictures as usual, ganda rin ng flowers.

Miu said...

The park is really beautiful with all of those colourful tulips!

Diane said...

Hy! Just wanted to invite you to like the page on fb. It has great food photography and recipes! (it's not commercial or anything, just for our enjoyment)

kirafashion said...

soooooo cute!

Bissy said...

Your pictures are rockin! your blog is rocking! your just Rockin!
im a new blogger, my blog is based on books

dont forget to leave the link to your blog so i can follow it! hope you will d o the same!:)

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