Sunday, June 17, 2012

Appreciation For My Husband

This Father's Day, today's post is dedicated to my loving husband for being the best daddy to our pretty boy, Mr.Freddy. He is the best man, he loves me and our son. He is not only my photographer who takes beautiful photographs, but he is definitely great at taking care of our son. I love how he gets involve in keeping up the chores around the house even I don't ask him to do things. 

Newborn Mr.Freddy. Husband enjoyed giving our son's first tubby in the old kitchen sink.

Husband loves to cuddle our son. He would stay up late until Mr.Freddy fell asleep in his arms.

He was even willing to push the stroller around.

I love him more because he works hard every day for his family, comes home and still he spends time with our son.

He was teaching Mr.Freddy how to walk.

Getting up at night to feed a hungry baby.

He would sit for hours and play with our son.

Husband was always willing to change our son's messy diaper and get him dressed.

Husband spends time teaching Mr.Freddy to draw or paint. His dad wants him to be a painter like him... and it seems that Mr.Freddy will follow his dad's footsteps.

To my husband, you may not like this sleep photo or hate me for posting it, but I am proud to tell the world how close you are to our son.  I am delighted to discover that I am more in love with you than ever before. Thank you for always being there for me when I needed you. You are the best husband and father you are to Mr.Freddy. 

Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there and to those who do a dad's job!


Jing said...

Happy dad's day to Mr. Freddy's daddy! :D

Coralie said...

This is so cute ! :)
To answer your question I'm using a Canon EOS 550D !
Thanks for your comment, see you soon ;)


Ulrika said...

awwwh, beautiful pics.

Happy father's day. <3

Kisses !

Linda Kristoffersson said...

Such cute pics!

Stop by soon!

/ L from sweden

Mrs C said...

Awww.. that is so sweet.. you are lucky mommy, he's a hands on Dad!
Hope you had a good father's day :)

Come see my latest post here:

Aphrodite Trends said...

so sweet!

Emmy said...

Happy Father's Day to your hubby:) Such touching pics...

AfinaSkater said...

Wow, what a contrast!!! small small son and big big father. As usuall interesting sign!

Teddi said...

this post nearly made me cry. these photos show wonderful moments between your husband & your son! :) it's weird seeing mr. freddy that tiny compared to how big he is now.

Lucija said...

Awwwwww :)


Invitation To Inspiration said...

wow, these photos are amazing!!! love them all, especially the photo where your husband is teaching MR.Freddy how to draw...So adorable!!! You are one lucky lady!!! :-))

Sonia said...

Awesome blog! :)

jslimanjaya said...

cuttttteee :D

jslimanjaya said...

cuttttteee :D

jslimanjaya said...

cuttttteee :D

jslimanjaya said...

cuttttteee :D

jslimanjaya said...

cuttttteee :D

Angela said...

Jolies photos! J'aime beaucoup!
Angela Donava

Sazi Efionayi said...

hey,i just found your blog,lovely posts...come check out mine if you like it and follow thru GFC and i will follow back...xoxo

Clara Turbay said...

soooooo cute!

elite barcelona said...

This is just sooo cute...
Love your blog and your pictures!

Elekon said...

aww this is so cute, best memories:)) bless you and Happy fathers day!

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