Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Lupines

I told you this place is really beautiful. I know I've shared bits and pieces of this on my two previous posts, but I can not help not to share with you the remaining pictures. We traveled so far (3 hours to get here and 3 hours back) just to see these lupines, so we optimized our time checking out some attractions such as visiting museum and historic church, eating cheese samples and taking photographs here and there. No wonder my memory card filled quickly. Good thing I had a spare memory card in my camera bag and filled it again with our family photos. We had loads of fun and made memories again that we will never forget. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures.

Lady Lupine- "Winding it's way through tufts of grass toughened. Roofs and hard-packed soil the hardhack hunts its prey. Inch by inch, yard by yard it twists its spiny roof around her, weaving a field of destruction. Yet there she stands, bursting with color burning with defiance".- Carolyn Marquis

"Kindness is given so softly, so gently, falling like tiny seeds along our paths and brightening them with flowers".- Pam Brown


Thank you for reading and wish you all a happy day!


Lilli said...

this place is really magic dear and u look beautiful with this skirt! kisses!:*

Mrs C said...

This place is gorgeous! Can't get over it.. Mommy, I like your turquoise dress from the previous post!

Come see my latest blog post:

Anonymous said...

The outfit is awesome!

Teddi said...

seriously like something out of a storybook! so fantastic.

Iqra said...

Gorgeous photos, I thought they were editorial shots from a magazine at first. I love your outfit btw it's very effortless chic :)


Mary Lou said...

oh these pictures are amazing, what a beautiful field of lupines!! and you and the little man look great here!

stringsandbuttons said...

Hi! I found you through Mom's Monday Mingle. Your pictures are stunning. Reminds me of when we saw similar fields in Provence, France! Breathtaking! Now following you. Would love to have you as a follower. Have a great weekend x

Psycho Cat said...

Gorgeous pictures, such a stylish mom and son :)

bonnie_blog said...

SOOO beautiful photos!!! Cute blog!
I am your follower now! And I will be so happy, if you follow me:-)

Mom Daughter Style said...

beautiful pictures! keep posting, I enjoy seeing your posts

Glossy Lala said...

Hi,nice blog.Lovely place.
I wonder if you would like to follow each other : ).

Happy blogging.

Coralie said...

So beautiful, so nice photos ! I agree to follow each other, I'm following you !


Stacy said...

love it!

jslimanjaya said...

super nice garden. where is that?

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