Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July 2012 Party

Hello! How's everyone, especially to all my American readers who celebrated the 4th of July? As you can tell, we are all tired, but I am so glad the party turned out so well. My husband and I were elated to be hosting the 4th of July party again for the second time, and it was as much
fun as the first time. It was great seeing and talking to my dear friends who are fun and full of energy... some I see two or three times a year,
so it was nice catching up with them. Of course, a party isn't a party without food. The table was full of decadent seafood- lobsters, crabs, clams, boiled eggs, linguica and we added some corn as it sounds more like a healthy meal, right? And because I don't want to miss anything, I always take pictures at every party.


It was indeed a seafood feast!


I'm glad it's already cooked!


Mr.Freddy with Lyla and Tala.


Lyla laughing so hard. I love this girl. Her smiling face is so pure.

A perfect day to keep these kids cool. They love water slides that hubby had set up right in our backyard.


Endless laughs with dear friends.

Watched the fireworks with my friends, their husbands and children.

Late night snack- halo-halo (made by my dear friend Alpha. Thank you Alpha!), a Filipino dessert that has various fruit ingredients that are all mixed together along with shaved ice and evaporated milk.


Did anybody see the moon on the night of July 3rd?


MarieStella said...

amazing pictures! so cute kids and delicious food! perfect!

Pixels By Emilia said...

Amazing pictures, everyone looks so perfectly happy :).
Seems like everyone had a great time!

Milena said...

I have never eaten seafood in my life. :D I see the moon too! It looked quite amazing.
Great photos, I love fireworks :)
With love, Milena

Michelle said...

Love the photos, looks like you all had such a great time, I am now craving a seafood feast! x

the creation of beauty is art. said...

So glad the party was a success! It looks like such a wonderful time. I'm glad you had a good holiday!

Miu said...

Beautiful pictures of the firework!

Emmy said...

What a great-looking spread...and wow....those fireworks!

Teddi said...

total fun! :) yes i saw the moon too.

ClassyPam said...

Love all yor pics. It seems like someone had a really good 4th^^

Smile On:)...Classy Pam

Raya said...

looks like you had a great time and great photos :)

Mrs C said...

That was a FEAST! You all look like you had a blast.. I'm salivating, mommy! That lobster... ;P

MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES DAILY where Fashion and Food collide!
FOODIE WEEKEND - Thai Green Curry

Splendor said...

Great pics. I love your porch! I didn't see the moon but thanks for the photo and showing how beautiful it was. :)

Bubby's Mummy said...

YUM! My husband lived in Boston for a year and he raved about the seafood even though he's not really a big seafood eater.

The moon looks fascinatingly eerie.

Bubby's Mummy said...

I miss halo-halo! BTW have you brought Mr Freddy to the Philippines yet?

audrinajulia said...

Your celebration is so festive. Glad you spend the holiday not only with your family but with your friends as well.

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