Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guest Post: Anya Sarre, a celebrity stylist

Hi everyone! Today I have a special guest on my blog- Anya Sarre, a Hollywood celebrity stylist, and Head Fashion Stylist for Entertainment Tonight and The Insiders. I am so honored that Anya contacted me to share this with you. Here is the lovely post written by Anya Sarre!

Nautical Fashion Provide Relaxed Comfort and Confidence
by Anya Sarre

 A huge wave of nautical fashions hit runways this year, and women everywhere are donning nautical stripes, cuffed trousers and deck shoes. Other nautically inspired outfits, in white or various shades of blue and red, include solid tops or skirts with maritime accents. Work from the ground up and focus on your shoes, Shoe Dazzle this summer season for that red carpet appeal. Adding a pair of patterned wedge heels to a classic white button-down blouse and pair of cropped pants makes the perfect outfit for any event.


 Modern maxi dresses featuring nautically inspired stripes are being worn around town, and women pairing them with fashionable wedge heels find themselves walking a little taller as they enjoy the casual self-confidence of looking great while dressing comfortably. Comfort and self-care meld with fashion further when ladies add one of this season’s hats to an outfit. Your shore look will look amazing—leaving people to wonder where you are going or where you’ve come from! 
Chic floppy hats in nautically inspired colors provide excellent protection from the sun. Besides, every lady looks great sporting a straw hat once in a while. Whatever your fashion preferences, today’s stylish women have great options for maintaining chic flair while protecting their faces and staying cool in they summer rays.

Jewelry inspired by sailors everywhere is making hip statements on decks and boardwalks far and wide. From gold and silver maritime charms to ocean-inspired pendants, today’s accessories bring a nautical feel to the little white dress or a shorts-and-t-shirt look. Nature-inspired jewelry accented with rope or seashells bring to mind a weekend at the Hamptons or an afternoon combing the beach.
No woman should be caught without a stylish bag. Pamper yourself and look great carrying a large navy-striped tote with leather or rope handles. What better way to combine personal fashion with summer event-friendly utility? Women who prefer small pocketbooks will enjoy carrying a small, round nautical purse bag or a simple billfold accented with red and blue maritime d├ęcor.

Women who love sea and surf can rejoice this year and celebrate in style. Head-to-toe fashions bring thoughts of water and ocean breezes to cool off the driest, hottest summer day. When the things she loves surround a woman, happiness and self-confidence surround her as well. Now is the time to step out in those deck shoes or a pair of nautically inspired canvas wedges and show the world how comfortable a well-dressed woman can be when recreation and fashion meet!


Vilette said...

Oh this skirt is fabulous!

katya said...

love the shoes!!

Gloria Izquierdo said...

I love the dress! xoxo

Doronette NF said...

Love it !
Thanks for sharing !

Viola said...

That maxi dress looks amazing! I want it:D
xx Viola

Eimear OReilly said...

that dress is gorgeous love! great post. i have a new post up about a shoot i styled, would love to know what you think!

girlinthelens said...

Gorgeous green dress x

blackberryfashion said...

amazing dress :)

Patricia said...

Lovely dress!I've just found your blog and I'm following. i hope you do the same!Kisses

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