Tuesday, October 9, 2012

All Black


I have been been stuck at home during my day off from work due to weather, (it's been raining cats and dogs and not to mention, the chilly and gloomy weather) hence no fashion shoots lately. The only good thing I was able to take some pictures (actually, it was the hubby) few weeks ago while running some errands.


Mr.Freddy's been enjoying school. Few days ago before Christopher Columbus Day, when I picked him up, he came out of school wearing this Columbus hat and with a piece of paper in his hand. He was so proud of his artwork! Tonight, he surprised us by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. It's been only a month since he started school and the lil' man is learning a lot every day. I'm so proud of him!

I am hoping for good weather this coming weekend so Mr.Freddy and I can do a photo shoot together.


Cathy said...

Super adorable look! and your son is a little fashionista :)


MrsBitchface said...

what a perfect outfit!!!! and love your little one's draw!


Rena said...

I really like your shirt, it's so cool :)

Natali said...

Your hair looks gorgeous!!


Doronette NF said...

Simple and nice !

Cassandras Corner said...

I love your style! Looking good! Isn't it funny when kids come home with their school projects. I love to see when they learning stuff! #proudparentmoment!

Kate L. said...

Lovely tee but you look chic!


katya said...

i love the tee .. wonderful outfit!

Anonymous said...

Pretty in all black outfit!

Anonymous said...

Pretty in all black outfit!

Kelinha said...

Nice shirt =)

Lilli said...

love the tee and the total black look! you are very nice with it! kisses!! xoxo

Tey VJ said...

You rock those pants!

Thank you for the sweet comment! Yes to both =)) I wasn't sure if you were of Filipino descent too. Happy to meet another blogger who I share more than fashion!


Teddi said...

wishing you good weather & happy learning for mr. freddy! :)

C. and S. said...

What a gorgeous pic!! Following you on GFC 1328. It will be great if you can do the same:)


audrinajulia said...

You're gorgeous wearing black. It suits you well and not everybody can rock on those pants! Lovely.


Nanina dOnofrio said...

Woo, hoo!!! Love those heels, but you have to wear them for me. I'm too clumsy! :-) Mr. Freddy's drawing is so cute.

(p.s. I rejoined your site. Not sure what I did to disconnect before.)

playwithfashion said...

Great look, u are so skinny! woow!

Cathy Voyage said...

The shirt - I die! And that drawing is really sweet!

Angela said...

like your t-shirt)

Angela Donava

anna said...

Hi Beauty! great blog!
If you don't mind we can follow each other ;) I'm your new follower ;)

Jenny said...

omg I love your pants!

X Jenny

Ana said...

wow I love the shirt, it is beautiful, a great look


Veva said...

Great t-shirt!

My white idea

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