Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

This year's Christmas is my favorite Christmas thus far. Everything turned out perfect that I have dreamed of. Mr.Freddy woke up in a good mood at 6:30 A.M. not a cranky lil' one and asked his dad while in bed to turn the television on for him. Husband got up from our bed and turned on the tv for him and he went right back to bed. After five minutes being glued to his favorite show, he asked his dad if he could go downstairs, so he could turn the Christmas tree lights on. Husband allowed him to go downstairs, while I was too anxious of the presents when Mr.Freddy found them. I thought he might open the presents due to excitement. But only one moment, I heard his footsteps climbing back up the stairs screaming with excitement and wanting his dad to go downstairs because he has something to show to his dad. Husband and I got up from our bed and Mr.Freddy lead us to the Christmas tree. Santa came by on Christmas Eve and left Christmas presents for Mr.Freddy! He was so excited opening his presents, and as we looked outside magically the first snowflakes of the season was coming down. It truly made this Christmas morning special nothing like having snow on Christmas morning, the background music of Christmas carols, Mr.Freddy being so excited opening his presents and with the first fresh snowfall it truly was a perfect Christmas morning.

The proof that Santa came by- an empty cup of milk and cookie crumbs that Mr.Freddy had left before Christmas Eve.

Santa's Christmas presents for Mr.Freddy.

Opening his presents. Hmmm... someone was very excited.

He got all what he wished for Christmas. 

One of the best Christmas presents I have received from Mr.Freddy. It's a snowman he made it at school.

This is another Christmas presents from Mr.Freddy. This was meant for husband and me.

An angel, this is one of my favorite Christmas ornaments made by Mr.Freddy at school.

The manger under the Christmas tree.

The reason why we celebrate Christmas. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

My Christmas breakfast prepared by my loving and caring husband. Nom, nom, nom!

The backyard covered with snow. Magical.

I was dreaming for a white Christmas and it finally came. I couldn't resist myself not to go out in PJ's, danced and took some pictures while it was snowing.

I love white Christmas!

Our photo after attended the Christmas mass.

From our home to yours, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


Antashe Method said...

That is just too cute. Merry belated Christmas!!!!

Mady T. said...

lying in pjs on Christmas day is one of my favorite things to your tree and decorations...hope you had an amazing time!


annpaige said...

Merry belated christmas to you and mr.freddy!!!!


Live Life in Style said...

How perfect! It does look like you had an amazing Christmas. I love the writing in the snow and the Santa's milk mug. Happy Holidays!
Shasie of Live Life in Style

Bubby's Mummy said...

Happy holidays! It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas day.

Your white Christmas looked so picturesque. I hope to one day have a white Christmas too.

xx Bubby's Mummy

oomph. said...

sounds like you guys had a wonderful christmas! happy new year to you, too!


Y Park said...

wow white christmas !

What a wonderful. .... ^^

Merry X-mas

Y Park

CMA said...

Loving these photos, so sweet!

Pretty and Comfy Fold up flats said...

wow! You had a lovely chrismtas!

Estefanía Ainoza said...

Really nice!!!! I love it!!!

Blicious said...

so pretty! love the Holidays!

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