Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quebec City

 photo DSC_0022q.jpg
Our family portrait. Hubby drew this while waiting for our lunch. Hahaha! Mr.Freddy has a tail.

Howdy! We are back from Quebec and brought home lots of memories to share with you, guys. Up to now I still can't get over the happy moments I had together with my family. Yeh, I'm over the moon! We spent the first day wandering around the old part of Quebec. It's nice to learn the history of the city. Quebec's winter is freezing cold but it is beautiful, and it never ceases me how throngs of Quebecois or tourists enjoy the beauty of the city. 

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We took a cable car going down to the old city of Quebec.

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 photo DSC_0078q.jpg
He had so much fun on the ice slide

 photo DSC_0067q.jpg
 photo DSC_0242q.jpg
 photo DSC_0028q.jpg

The city with illuminated lights at night. It must be nice to spend Christmas here with snow on the ground. 

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 photo DSC_0238q.jpg
 photo DSC_0255q.jpg
 photo DSC_0254q.jpg
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 photo DSC_0003q.jpg
 photo DSC_0002q.jpg

We took so many pictures, so expect more photos from Quebec later.


AfinaSkater said...

Hi dear, love your outfit!

AfinaSkater said...

Hi dear, love your outfit!

Emanuela said...

So many nice pics, looks like you had fun!!! Come see my new dress, California Fairytale :))

xo Emm

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