Sunday, March 31, 2013

Coloring Easter Eggs 2013

 photo easter1317.jpg

Happy Easter everyone! I was awakened this morning by the sound of a loud foot stamp and an excitement voice of Mr.Freddy calling me and his dad to go into his room. Yay! Easter Bunny hopped into our house and left some sweet treats for him. He's very happy he received a Transformers Prime toy that he had dreamed. An occasion like Easter truly brings joy to Mr.Freddy.

Every year, every Easter, it's been a tradition for us to do an activity like coloring eggs. So yesterday, Mr.Freddy and me had so much fun dyeing the eggs and getting the egg dye stains on our hands. (Click here, to view pictures of last year's Easter, 2011 activity here, and 2010.)

 photo easter131.png
 photo easter1318.jpg
 photo easter133.jpg
 photo easter132.jpg
 photo easter1311.jpg
 photo easter1312.jpg
 photo easter138.jpg
 photo easter139.jpg
 photo easter136.jpg
 photo easter1314.jpg
 photo easter1310.jpg
 photo easter1313.jpg
 photo easter1316.jpg
 photo easter1315.jpg
 photo easter137.jpg
 photo easter13.jpg
Love, Mom and Son


Anonymous said...

I miss coloring eggs with Gramma & my lovely cousins! See you soon! xx

iesha. said...

looks like you guys had a great time. happy easter!


abbie oxley said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun the pictures are amazing!

Doronette NF said...

Happy Easter!
It seeme you got fun during coloring your eggs...

MarieAntoinette said...

Happy Easter, the little gentelman is so charming!
Visit me ♥

Bader Lamont said...

Nice blog ! MAYBE WE FOLLOW EACH OTHER ON GFC , BLOGLOVIN AND FB .. i'll follow u back for sure and i'll be so glad to keep in touch with your work ..


Bisma Rauf said...

Nice Blog :)
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Beckerman Girls said...

You and your son are sooo cute!!!!! OmG! his hand are blue! LOL!!!! LOve it!!
xoox Beckerman Sistas

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