Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hotel de Glace

 photo DSC_0417ice.jpg

Hi guys! This is my last post about my trip to Quebec, I promise. I can not help myself not to share the experience we had at Hotel De Glace, a hotel made from snow and ice. It is  the first ice hotel in North America. 

Honestly, I haven't heard of an ice hotel before until my husband told me two years ago that there is one near Quebec City- the Hotel de Glace. Filled with curiosity, I googled and viewed the images of the hotel. All of the images I have found are interesting and beautiful. Since then, I had been wanting to go there for years but our schedules for the past two winters were fully booked. Finally, husband and I with Mr.Freddy made it last month. Hotel de Glace was on our number one bucket list when we went in Quebec.

It was one of those lifetime experience staying at the hotel. This is the coldest hotel I have ever stayed in. 

 photo DSC_0603ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0608ice.jpg

Inside the hotel- the bar/lounge.

 photo DSC_0508ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0491ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0502ice.jpg
My shot glass made of ice.

 photo DSC_0444ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0599ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0443ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0486ice.jpg

The hotel is so beautiful and looks magical at night.

 photo DSC_0602ice.jpg
 photo icehotel1.jpg
 photo icehotel.jpg
 photo DSC_0423ice.jpg
Me playing drums. 

 photo DSC_0589ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0569ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0521ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0523ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0515ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0600ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0597ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0611ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0605ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0613ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0606ice.jpg
 photo DSC_0414ice.jpg


A N D Y S T Y L E said...

super cool ;) great pictures

t said...

Cool place!

AfinaSkater said...

wow!!! nice place!

Eleanor said...

This place looks amazing!

Constance said...

Omgosh! what a great discovery!

Marie Zamboli said...

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g.ta said...

wow..what an amazing place!! =`)


Smile of style said...

I just found your blog and I like it, I'm your new follower!


Jeans Please! said...

wooow! amazing!

Ayu said...

wow amazing pictures!

La Saloperie said...

Wowwwww! These photos are so amazingly gorgeous! Were those shot glasses hard to drink out of?

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