Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Egg Hunting

 photo easter201306.jpg

I had a beautiful Easter weekend with my family. Obviously, no Easter event is complete without Easter egg hunt. Husband set up up the hunt and hid eggs in our backyard before Mr.Freddy woke up on Easter. 

Easter morning came and right after Mr.Freddy had finished opening his Easter basket, he looked out the window and was surprised to see eggs in our backyard left by the Easter Bunny. Mr.Freddy could barely wait to go outside to pick up the eggs. While we were looking out the window, we spotted a little squirrel on the fence who stole one of the Easter eggs and was trying to open it. We literally can't stop laughing when the plastic wrap came off and the squirrel ate the chocolate. Hahaha! (Oh, how I wished I had my camera with me.) We quickly got dressed and did the Easter egg hunt before the squirrel devour all the Easter eggs.

 photo easter201310.jpg
 photo easter201311.jpg
 photo easter201302.jpg
 photo easter201305.jpg
 photo easter201304.jpg
 photo easter20134.jpg
 photo easter201312.jpg
 photo easter20138.jpg
 photo easter201313.jpg
 photo easter20137.jpg
 photo easter20136.jpg


The Simply Kelly said...

so lovely story and pics !!!!!!! both of u look great


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MarieStella said...

i adore both your outfits!! you look so beautiful!! Happy Easter!!

life full of colors said...

I love those photos ! You both look beautiful.

kisses from sunny Cyprus,


just tututiny said...

How are you my dear? Your son is getting so big and you are still looking gorgeous! I hope all is well!

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