Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Croods

 photo croods8a.jpg

Last Friday, Husband and I were supposed to bring Mr.Freddy to Museum of Science but plan got cancelled. The roads around Boston were closed due to manhunt for Boston bombing suspect. We kinda lost interest to wander further away, and husband suggested watching a movie, The Croods which Mr.Freddy has been wanting to see. The weather was beautiful that we were able to take some photos.

We all enjoyed watching The Croods that made me teary eyed. The film focuses on family, having a father who always sacrifice and does his best for his family. Have you watched this movie yet? if so, how did you like it?

 photo croods2.jpg
 photo croods.jpg
 photo croods10.jpg
 photo croods7.jpg
 photo croods5.jpg
 photo croods6.jpg
 photo croods3.jpg
 photo croods9.jpg
 photo croods11.jpg

Thank you for stopping by. Love, Mom and Son.


Doronette NF said...

Blue blue blue... all is blue and I like it !
Best regards from Sarajevo !

Jane said...

A really cool outfit, I love your shirt so much !! And the pictures are great !!

Ritika Mahendru said...

Haha! This post is so cute. I really like the way you both are dressed up! Too cute to handle :)


Alejandra said...

I like so much your blog! it's so cute:)
Follow you,
have a nice day:D

Borjana said...

Well hello gorgeous;-)

Estefanía Ainoza said...

Really nice!! I love it!!!!

Eve G said...

nice blog
Do u want to follow each other on gfc and on fb ? Let me known

Haha♥ said...

You are so adorable together. The color suits the two of you. You have a good looking son! Maybe a next fashion blogger as well? ;)


Iffa Ardhiyana said...

Good couple... Very sweet.

Big hug,

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