Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cherry Blossom

 photo cb24.jpg

I have this pink dress for awhile and it is so perfect to match the cherry blossom. The lace, the color, and the pleated skirt just make it so feminine and classy. My favorite dress for Spring.

 photo cb9.jpg
 photo cb20.jpg
 photo cb15.jpg
 photo cb17.jpg
 photo cb18.jpg
 photo cb21.jpg
 photo cb19.jpg
 photo cb12.jpg
 photo cb5.jpg


Shannon Boyce said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love what you are wearing. These pictures are so so pretty!

g.ta said...

cute dress!! pretty!! =`)


crystal oddity said...

OMG :o
those pics are so amaizng and beautiful ♥ your outfit is perfect, love this combination:)
and you're really pretty woman! :)

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Toni P. said...

sooo blooming! love all the photos!

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Alejandra said...

Lovely pics in a beautiful place!

shortylegsbeauty said...

That has to be one of the prettiest dresses Ive seen in a long time :) Really lovely :)
Wonderful pictures as usual :)

Lenusik Velvetrose said...

Oh, how beautiful! beautiful lace dress and a cherry! an incredible combination!
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