Friday, May 17, 2013

Lime Green

 photo lg14.jpg

Summer is coming and for the last hurrah of Spring we wore lime green, the color of Spring which symbolizes renewal or birth, youthfulness and lively.  This is a good color to the eye and this rejuvenates me.

 photo lg6.jpg
 photo lg12.jpg
 photo lg8.jpg
 photo lg11.jpg
 photo lg5.jpg
 photo lg4.jpg
 photo lg2.jpg
 photo lg3.jpg
 photo lg10.jpg
 photo lg1.jpg
 photo lg13.jpg

Thanks again for stopping by. Love, Mom and Son.


Shannon Boyce said...

So cute! Really love that colour on you both :)

fashion-meets-art said...

wow just perfect- these pictures are so cute. what a nice couple. <3
maren anita


iesha. said...

very cute. i always love how you two match! i really love this color on you.


QueenLina said...

beautiful photos! :*

The Simply Kelly said...

very nice !!!!!!!

The Simply Kelly said...

i really like your outfit !!!!! besides, so beautiful pictures.....i like how u put so much effort every time in your enjoy to look at your pics...u and your son are so good together....

shine star said...

nice photos ;)
Very good blog !

Teddi said...

hello spring time loveliness and freshness of green!

TheFashionFraction said...

how cool is that :D

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