Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pink and Cherry Blossom

 photo cb27.jpg

The cherry blossom has inspired me for our pink outfits. I've always liked cherry blossoms and when I think of it, the perfect words to describe them are sweet, feminine, and romantic. I've been thinking all this past winter about the arrival of Spring I look forward to the blooming cherry blossom trees. I visualize that Mr.Freddy and me are enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms clad in pink outfits which these photos that husband took are exactly what I wanted to happen. So cheerful, lively, lovely and sweet.

 photo cb11.jpg
 photo cb30.jpg
 photo DSC_0692.jpg
 photo cb4.jpg

 photo cb8.jpg photo cb2.jpg
 photo cb3.jpg
 photo cb26.jpg photo cb1.jpg
 photo cb7.jpg

Thank you for stopping by. Happy Spring!


and so it goes.... said...

OH my! These photos are both stunning and adorable! I love it!


Noelia B. said...

beautiful photos! Your son is very big and beautiful!

Shannon Boyce said...

AWW the second picture is so cute!

april said...

beautiful pictures! your such a beautiful mom and u have adorable son

g.ta said...

this is too cute!! =`)


vindiebaby said...

Love those pictures in love with your dress :)

Vintage Inspired Girls

Chic Trends said...

What a beautiful photo shoot you've done with your precious boy! You both look so happy and joyous. Loving your look. Pretty in pink!

Best to you dear! x

Au Royaume de la Perle said...

Beautiful photos very tender ! Your dress is nice and I like this color !

Teddi said...

you and mr. freddy are utterly lovely like cherry blossoms in such pretty pink!

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