Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lupines Paradise

 photo lupinenh28.jpg

Mr.Freddy and I just came home from the beach awhile ago before the pouring rain. He fell asleep in the car, and right now I'm glad I get a chance to do a post on our weekend jaunt to this place I called, "lupines paradise". It's been our family tradition to go here every summer. Mr.Freddy and I danced like there's no tomorrow.

 All the photos taken were beautiful but I couldn't narrow it down.

 photo lupinenh27.jpg
 photo lupinenh19.jpg
 photo lupinenh26.jpg
 photo lupinenh17.jpg
 photo lupinenh10.jpg
 photo lupinenh8.jpg
 photo lupinenh9.jpg
 photo lupinenh16.jpg
 photo lupinenh6.jpg
 photo lupinenh7.jpg
 photo lupinenh12.jpg
 photo lupinenh11.jpg
 photo lupinenh15.jpg
 photo lupinenh24.jpg
 photo lupinenh22.jpg
 photo lupinenh13.jpg
 photo lupinenh21.jpg
 photo lupinenh23.jpg
 photo lupinenh2.jpg
 photo lupinenh3.jpg
 photo lupinenh1.jpg
 photo lupinenh18.jpg
 photo lupinenh5.jpg
 photo lupinenh25.jpg
 photo lupinenh29.jpg
 photo lupinenh20.jpg


The Simply Kelly said...

wow......so lovely place n pic

april said...

beautiful pictures as always, mr. freddy is getting more handsome . You look great with your new hair, you got beautiful thick hair, im jealous


Zuu said...

OMG you are so adorable!!!
Lovely photos, you both are so cute! <3

Y said...

wow very nice lavender colors..

You and your son look great too



A Sapatólatra said...

parece o paraíso....

Anonymous said...

What an amazing field of flowers!!! Your purple ombre skirt was a perfect choice for this photo shoot. :) Beautiful pictures.

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