Friday, September 6, 2013

Cape Cod Life

 photo chapin14a.jpg

Summer is almost over and I must say I enjoyed my summer days with my family. We had always been on the beach every weekend or whenever there's plenty of time in the day with no work to be completed. So, here's another post lazing around on one of the beaches on Cape Cod sitting on a sand dune until sunset. Awesome life.

 photo DSC_0281.jpg
 photo DSC_0253.jpg
 photo DSC_0248.jpg
 photo chapin11.jpg
 photo chapin1.jpg
 photo chapin2.jpg
 photo chapin10.jpg
 photo chapin5.jpg

 photo chapin9.jpg
 photo chapin4.jpg
 photo chapin8.jpg
 photo chapin6.jpg
 photo chapin7.jpg
 photo chapin3.jpg


Afina blog said...

Grate look!

Samira's Life and Style said...

beautiful pics :)

sorelle in style said...

These are such great shots! I absolutely LOVE your outfit - so classy and polished! I've never been to Cape Cod but it looks beautiful.

Hope you have a great weekend! :)

sorelle in style

Lisa-Bisa said...

cute! I just posted about my vacation at Cape Code too! It'll be posting tomorrow morning :)

Molly said...

I love your patriotic look! So cute. And that sunset looks amaazing. Looks like so much fun.

Je M'appelle Molly

xo Molly

Inês de Castro said...

Your sweater is adorable and I loved all those sunset pictures ;)

Mónica López Gutierrez said...

Un post fantastico!

Milena said...

Beautiful photos :) So jealous of the weather, here is cold, rainy and windy :( I miss sun, and warm days. I would love to spend some time on the beach and enjoy amazing weather.


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