Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Autumn At Harvard Yard

 photo foliage136a.jpg

These are leftover photographs from my previous post. I feel pity if I don't share these with you because these pictures are worth sharing. My husband is just not only a great photographer, but he is also the best in capturing the moment of Mr.Freddy and me. I admire him for having a great talent and having an eye for photography. While we were wandering on the lawn of Harvard University, husband wanted to take some photos of me and Mr.Freddy in front of this bright yellow tree. I was amazed when I saw the photos he took. All of these photos are so-o-o beautiful!

 photo foliage135.jpg
 photo foliage137.jpg
 photo foliage131.jpg
 photo foliage132.jpg
 photo foliage138.jpg
 photo foliage133.jpg
 photo foliage134.jpg
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