Sunday, October 6, 2013

Autumn Showers

 photo rf19.jpg

Since Mr.Freddy started school we rarely go out doing  photo shoots together. His typical day and daily routine is school and then comes home to do his homework. Plus, he is doing karate after school. What a busy schedule Mr.Freddy has! Weekends are only his free and idle days. So today, after we did some errands I am so pleased Mr.Freddy and I had pictures together! Even the rain didn't stop us to have fun and the umbrella was a good accessory for our photo shoot!

 photo rf18.jpg
 photo r1.jpg
 photo rf2.jpg
 photo rf11.jpg
 photo rf12.jpg
 photo rf14.jpg
 photo rf13.jpg
 photo rf17.jpg
 photo rf8.jpg
 photo rf9.jpg
 photo rf16.jpg
 photo rf15.jpg
 photo rf5.jpg
 photo rf3.jpg
 photo rf6.jpg
 photo rf7.jpg
 photo rf4.jpg
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