Saturday, October 5, 2013

Life Of A Blogger

 photo jc9a.jpg

I love those days when my husband comes home early from work and we're able to spend quality time together like having coffee on the patio or a simple lunch date before picking up Mr.Freddy from school. When he is around I like to take opportunities to get dressed up and have him be my paparazzi. Hahaha, a life of a blogger!

 photo jc2.jpg
 photo jc1.jpg
 photo jc4.jpg
 photo jc12.jpg
 photo jc8.jpg
 photo jc5.jpg
 photo jc13.jpg
 photo jc10.jpg
 photo jc11.jpg
 photo jc6.jpg


Marie Zamboli said...

Lovely sandals <3

Cathy said...

Love the blue/green combo and such a fun, unique top!

Natali said...

Great shoes and sunnies!

MarieStella said...

great collar and print on your shirt!! i adore the blue and green combination!!

april said...

this outfit is so cute!!! I love everything

Miu said...

I really like the flower background :)

Subha Bose said...

Nice blog. Love all your photos :)

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